SPIE OPTO | 23-28 JANUARY 2010
Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies V
Editor(s): Liang-Chy Chien
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23-28 January 2010
San Francisco, California, United States
Front Matter
Proc. SPIE 7618, Front Matter: Volume 7618, 761801 (10 March 2010);
Emissive, Headmount and Projection Displays
Proc. SPIE 7618, Design of a free-form single-element head-worn display, 761803 (12 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, Next-generation head-mounted display, 761804 (12 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, High power high bandwidth laser diode driver for next generation laser projectors, 761805 (8 February 2010);
3D Displays
Proc. SPIE 7618, Overview of 3D/2D switchable liquid crystal display technologies, 761806 (12 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, Static 3D image space, 761807 (12 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, Resolution analysis of Fourier hologram using integral imaging and its enhancement, 761809 (12 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, A new method for laser speckle suppression, 76180A (15 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, An artifact-metrics which utilizes laser speckle patterns for plastic ID card surface, 76180B (12 February 2010);
Nonlinear Optics and Lasing
Proc. SPIE 7618, Liquid crystal waveguides: new devices enabled by >1000 waves of optical phase control, 76180E (12 February 2010);
Nanoparticles Self-Assembly, Dispersion and Manipulation
Proc. SPIE 7618, Quantum dot self-assembly in liquid crystal media, 76180F (18 February 2010);
Spatial Light Modulators
Proc. SPIE 7618, 30 to 50 ns liquid-crystal optical switches, 76180J (12 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, Electroactive super elongation of carbon nanotube clusters in liquid crystal medium and its display application, 76180K (12 February 2010);
Bio-Active, Bio-Inspired Materials and Applications
Proc. SPIE 7618, Nonequilibrium fluctuations in metaphase spindles: polarized light microscopy, image registration, and correlation functions, 76180L (12 February 2010);
New Materials and Substrates
Proc. SPIE 7618, Plastic substrate technologies for flexible displays, 76180Q (12 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, Micro-actuators prepared from liquid crystalline elastomers in a microfluidic setup, 76180S (12 February 2010);
Polymer-Stabilized LCDs
Proc. SPIE 7618, Polymer-networked liquid crystal cell for omni-directional viewing-angle switching, 76180U (12 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, Liquid crystal-directed polymer nanostructure for vertically aligned nematic cells, 76180V (24 February 2010);
Dye-Doped Devices
Proc. SPIE 7618, Guest-host liquid crystal devices for adaptive window application, 76180W (15 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, Band-tunable color cone lasing emission based on a dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal film, 76180Y (12 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, Reflective display based on biphotonic effect-induced phase transition in dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystals, 76180Z (12 February 2010);
Holography and Holographically-Formed PDLCs
Proc. SPIE 7618, The dynamics of human sperm droplets on a liquid crystal and polymer composite film, 761811 (12 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, Evaluations of liquid crystal panel as a random phase modulator for optical encryption systems based on the double random phase encoding, 761812 (18 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, Electrical tuning of two-dimensional honeycomb photonic lattices using holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystals, 761813 (12 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, Ultrafast switching liquid crystals for next-generation transmissive and reflective displays, 761814 (18 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, High quality assembly of liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) devices for phase-only holography, 761815 (18 February 2010);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 7618, Smart windows with functions of reflective display and indoor temperature-control, 761816 (12 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, Super-bright and short-lived photoluminescence of textured Zn2SiO4:Mn2+ phosphor film on quartz glass, 761818 (12 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, A metal-dielectric thin film with broadband absorption, 761819 (12 February 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7618, Multi-domain liquid crystal alignment based on periodical polyimide micro-bars fabricated by inkjet printing, 76181A (12 February 2010);
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