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22 March 2010 High brightness EUV light sources for actinic metrology
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EUV sources for actinic mask metrology, particularly for defect inspection, require extremely high brightness. The selfabsorption of radiation limits the in-band EUV radiance of the source plasma and makes it difficult to attain the necessary brightness and power from a conventional single unit EUV source. One possible solution is through multiplexing of multiple low etendue sources. NANO-UV is delivering a new generation of EUV light source with an intrinsic photon collector, the i-SoCoMo™ concept, where a micro plasma pulsed discharge source is integrated to a photon collector based on an in situ active plasma structure. The source is characterized by high brightness, low etendue and very high irradiance, at moderate output power, without the use of external physical optics. Such a source could form the basic building block, through multiplexing of several units, to satisfy the very high brightness and moderate power requirement of the EUV sources required for actinic mask metrology. Based upon this multiplexing concept, a family of specially configured multiplexed source structures, the HYDRA™ design, is being introduced to address the mask metrology needs.
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