Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, and Associated Devices III
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1-5 August 2010
San Diego, California, United States
Front Matter
Proc. SPIE 7761, Front Matter: Volume 7761, 776101 (10 September 2010);
CNT Growth, Identification, Separation, and Organization
Proc. SPIE 7761, Evaluation of semiconducting/metallic ratio of single wall carbon nanotubes by resonant Raman scattering, 776103 (19 August 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7761, Nano structured carbon nitrides prepared by chemical vapour deposition, 776104 (25 August 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7761, Well organized Si nanowires arrays synthesis for electronic devices, 776105 (25 August 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7761, Atomic layer deposition for aligned growth of and conformal deposition onto double and triple walled carbon nanotubes, 776108 (25 August 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7761, The organization of carbon nanotube and silicon nanowires using lateral-type porous anodic alumina, 776109 (25 August 2010);
CNT-Based Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices
Proc. SPIE 7761, 3D modelling of carbon nanotubes and liquid crystal based nano-photonic device, 77610C (25 August 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7761, High-quality carbon nanotube films prepared by solvent-free gel coating and their application in dye-sensitized solar cells, 77610E (25 August 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7761, Dual graphene films growth process based on plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition, 77610P (25 August 2010);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 7761, Bending tests of carbon nanotube thin-film transistors on flexible substrate, 77610R (25 August 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7761, Simulation of carbon nanotube photovoltaic arrays, 77610S (25 August 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7761, Phonon frequency distribution function of aligned mutiwalled carbon nanotubes, 77610T (25 August 2010);
Proc. SPIE 7761, Analytical modeling of graphene nanoribbon Schottky diodes, 77610U (25 August 2010);
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