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27 August 2010 Ultrashort laser pulse cell manipulation using nano- and micro- materials
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The delivery of extra cellular molecules into cells is essential for cell manipulation. For this purpose genetic materials (DNA/RNA) or proteins have to overcome the impermeable cell membrane. To increase the delivery efficiency and cell viability of common methods different nano- and micro material based approaches were applied. To manipulate the cells, the membrane is in contact with the biocompatible material. Due to a field enhancement of the laser light at the material and the resulting effect the cell membrane gets perforated and extracellular molecules can diffuse into the cytoplasm. Membrane impermeable dyes, fluorescent labelled siRNA, as well as plasmid vectors encoded for GFP expression were used as an indicator for successful perforation or transfection, respectively. Dependent on the used material, perforation efficiencies over 90 % with a cell viability of about 80 % can be achieved. Additionally, we observed similar efficiencies for siRNA transfection. Due to the larger molecule size and the essential transport of the DNA into the nucleus cells are more difficult to transfect with GFP plasmid vectors. Proof of principle experiments show promising and adequate efficiencies by applying micro materials for plasmid vector transfection. For all methods a weakly focused fs laser beam is used to enable a high manipulation throughput for adherent and suspension cells. Furthermore, with these alternative optical manipulation methods it is possible to perforate the membrane of sensitive cell types such as primary and stem cells with a high viability.
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Markus Schomaker, Doreen Killian, Saskia Willenbrock, Eric Diebold, Eric Mazur, Willem Bintig, Anaclet Ngezahayo, Ingo Nolte, Hugo Murua Escobar, Christian Junghanß, Holger Lubatschowski, and Alexander Heisterkamp "Ultrashort laser pulse cell manipulation using nano- and micro- materials", Proc. SPIE 7762, Optical Trapping and Optical Micromanipulation VII, 77623G (27 August 2010);

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