17 November 2010 Performance improvement to silicon-on-insulator waveguide directional-coupler based devices
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For the SOI-waveguide directional coupler (WDC), optical access loss (OAL) and polarization dependence (PD) are two critical performance specifications which seriously affect the adoptability and deployment of a device, including optical on-chip loss (OCL), polarization dependent loss (PDL) and extinction ratio of a 3dB-coupler based device. In this work, using a commercial software tool - FIMMPROP, the performance of an SOI-WDC is simulated. Simulations find that the curved waveguides for the turning sections of a 3dB WDC not only enlarge the footprint size, but also seriously deteriorate the device performance. For instance, the two curved waveguide sections of a WDC induce an unpredictably large change in the 3dB-coupling length, increase an OAL of 0.4-0.9dB, and seriously deteriorate the PD, and these performance changes radically depend on rib size. After a corner-turning mirror (CTM) structure is introduced to a 3dB SOI-WDC, the experiments show both the footprint length and 3dB-coupling length are unchanged, the OAL of the 3dB coupler is only 0.5dB which is close to the simulation value. Therefore, for a 3dB-coupler based Mach-Zehnder interference (MZI) structure, the OCL will be controlled to be <1.0dB in device design and will not depend on rib size.
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DeGui Sun, DeGui Sun, Imad Hasan, Imad Hasan, Sawsan Abdul-Majid, Sawsan Abdul-Majid, Rob Vandusen, Rob Vandusen, Qi Zheng, Qi Zheng, Ali Hussien, Ali Hussien, Chunxia Wang, Chunxia Wang, Zhongming Hu, Zhongming Hu, T. Garry Tarr, T. Garry Tarr, Trevor J. Hall, Trevor J. Hall, "Performance improvement to silicon-on-insulator waveguide directional-coupler based devices", Proc. SPIE 7847, Optoelectronic Devices and Integration III, 78470F (17 November 2010); doi: 10.1117/12.871723; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.871723


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