2 November 2011 Optical properties and their variations at Co-Ni-B amorphous metallic alloys
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It is well known that optical phenomena in metals at IR spectral region are connected with intraband optical transitions and they are analogues of direct electrical conductivity (resistance) at low frequencies. It can be suggested that in case of alternating current flux through an amorphous metallic ribbon in external magnetic field, correlation between optical and magneto-transport properties can be emerged. It must be important that the objects of the investigations are magneto-optical effects linked with diagonal components of the optical tensor unlike Kerr or Faraday effects. Experimental appearance of magneto-optical effects comprises significant changes of optical conductivity and real part of dielectric permeability via influence of external magnetic field. The magneto-transport properties depend on the effective differential permeability, on the type of domain structure and corresponding densities of electron states at the Fermi level. Optical functions of the amorphous metallic alloys ribbons of Co-Ni-B are obtained at spectral region of 1.0-5.0 eV. Changes of optical conductivity spectra of the ribbons' surface in the presence of applied external magnetic field are revealed. Variations of optical and magneto-transport properties caused by superseding of one 3d transition metal (Co) to another (Ni) are obtained. Parameters of electronic subsystem were calculated. Interconnection between electronic structure of the amorphous metallic ribbons' surface and its magneto-transport properties is established.
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Dmytro Yu. Manko, Dmytro Yu. Manko, Leonid V. Poperenko, Leonid V. Poperenko, Vasyliy G. Kravets, Vasyliy G. Kravets, "Optical properties and their variations at Co-Ni-B amorphous metallic alloys", Proc. SPIE 8011, 22nd Congress of the International Commission for Optics: Light for the Development of the World, 80110K (2 November 2011); doi: 10.1117/12.901936; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.901936

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