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13 September 2011 Development of the x-ray CCD for SXI on board ASTRO-H
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We report on the development of the X-ray CCD for the soft X-ray imager (SXI) onboard ASTRO-H. SXI CCDs are P-channel, back-illuminated type manufactured by Hamamatsu Photonics K. K. Experiments with prototype CCD for the SXI shows the device has a depletion layer as thick as 200μm, high efficiency for hard X-rays. By irradiating soft X-rays to the prototype CCD for the SXI. At the same time, we found a significant low energy tail in the soft X-ray response of the SXI prototype CCD. We thus made several small size CCD chips with different treatment in processing the surface layers. CCDs with one of the surface layers treatment show a low energy tail of which intensity is one order of magnitude smaller than that of the original SXI prototype CCD for 0.5keV X-ray incidence. The same treatment will be applied to the flight model CCDs of the SXI. We also performed experiments to inject charge with the SXI prototype CCD, which is needed to mitigate the radiation damage in the orbit. We investigated the operation conditions of the charge injection. Using the potential equilibration method, charges are injected in each column homogeneously, though the amount of the charge must be larger than 20ke-.
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