13 September 2011 Development of the soft x-ray imager (SXI) for ASTRO-H
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Soft X-ray Imager (SXI) is a CCD camera onboard the ASTRO-H satellite which is scheduled to be launched in 2014. The SXI camera contains four CCD chips, each with an imaing aread of 31mmx31 mm, arrayed in mosaic, which cover the whole FOV area of 38'x38'. The SXI CCD of which model name is HPK Pch-NeXT4 is a P-channel type, back-illuminated, fully depleted device with a thickness of 200μm. We have developed an engineering model of the SXI camera body with coolers, and analog electronics for them. Combined with the bread board digital electronics, we succeeded in operation the whole the SXI system. The CCDs are cooled down to -120°C with this system, and X-rays from 55Fe sources are detected. Although optimization of the system is in progress, the energy resolution of typical 200 eV and best 156 eV (FWHM) at 5.9 keV are obtained. The readout noise is 10 e- to 15 e-, and to be improved its goal value of 5 e-. On-going function tests and environment tests reveal some issues to be solved until the producntion of the SXI flight model in 2012.
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Kiyoshi Hayashida, Kiyoshi Hayashida, Hiroshi Tsunemi, Hiroshi Tsunemi, Takeshi Go Tsuru, Takeshi Go Tsuru, Tadayasu Dotani, Tadayasu Dotani, Hiroshi Nakajima, Hiroshi Nakajima, Naohisa Anabuki, Naohisa Anabuki, Masanobu Ozaki, Masanobu Ozaki, Chikara Natsukari, Chikara Natsukari, Junko S. Hiraga, Junko S. Hiraga, Hiroshi Tomida, Hiroshi Tomida, Takayoshi Kohmura, Takayoshi Kohmura, Hiroshi Murakami, Hiroshi Murakami, Koji Mori, Koji Mori, Makoto Yamauchi, Makoto Yamauchi, Isamu Hatsukade, Isamu Hatsukade, Aya Bamba, Aya Bamba, Hiroyuki Uchida, Hiroyuki Uchida, Masayoshi Nobukawa, Masayoshi Nobukawa, Shutaro Ueda, Shutaro Ueda, Takahisa Fujinaga, Takahisa Fujinaga, Keiko Matsuta, Keiko Matsuta, Takao Ohnishi, Takao Ohnishi, John P. Doty, John P. Doty, "Development of the soft x-ray imager (SXI) for ASTRO-H", Proc. SPIE 8145, UV, X-Ray, and Gamma-Ray Space Instrumentation for Astronomy XVII, 814505 (13 September 2011); doi: 10.1117/12.893400; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.893400


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