19 August 2011 Investigation on up-conversion luminescence properties of novel transparent Ho3+-Tm3+-Yb3+ co-doped oxyfluoride glass ceramics
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In the present letter, the transparent oxyfluoride glass ceramics containing Ho3+-Tm3+-Yb3+:NaYF4 were successfully prepared by melt-quenching at 1400°C and subsequent heating at 650-680°C for 1~2 hours . X-ray diffraction (XRD) with Cu Kα radiation (λ=0.154nm) investigation revealed that NaYF4 nano-crystals in the glass ceramics was fabricated. Their sizes were determined by Sherrer's equation. The emission spectra red green and blue up-conversion (UC) under 980nm laser diode (LD) pumping and absorption spectra were measured. Luminescence measurements confirmed the partition of RE ions in nano-crystals NaYF4. The blue red and green UC radiations correspond to the transitions 1G4-3H6, 1G4-3H4 of Tm3+, 5F4, 5S2-5I8, 5F5-5I8, of Ho3+ ions, respectively. This is similar to that in Tm3+-Yb3+ and/or Ho3+-Yb3+ co-doped glass ceramics. To obtain upconversion fluorescence mechanisms, upconversion fluorescence intensity versus LD pump power were analyzed in view of energy levels of rare earth. Up-conversion mechanisms were discussed and the ratio between red, green and blue UC emission bands was found to be varied as a function of temperature of heat treatment and pump power. This result could be mainly attributed to the cross-relaxation between Ho3+ ions. The excellent optical properties and its convenient, low-cost synthesis of the present glass ceramic imply that it is an excellent substitution material for the unobtainable bulk NaYF4 crystal and may have potentially applications in tunable visible laser or many other fields.
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Xiao-bo Liu, Xiao-bo Liu, Wan-lei Han, Wan-lei Han, Fang Xu, Fang Xu, Ying-lin Song, Ying-lin Song, "Investigation on up-conversion luminescence properties of novel transparent Ho3+-Tm3+-Yb3+ co-doped oxyfluoride glass ceramics", Proc. SPIE 8192, International Symposium on Photoelectronic Detection and Imaging 2011: Laser Sensing and Imaging; and Biological and Medical Applications of Photonics Sensing and Imaging, 819230 (19 August 2011); doi: 10.1117/12.900795; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.900795

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