23 December 2011 Enhancement of stimulated Raman scattering in Nd3+-doped terrace-microspheres
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Terrace-microspheres of high-index multi-component glasses (BaO-SiO2-TiO2, nD=1.93; BaO-ZnO-TiO2, nD=2.2) containing various Nd3+ contents were used for pumping experiments to investigate the influence of Nd3+ content and matrix of glasses on the SRS enhancement effect. Pumping the terrace-microspheres containing low content of Nd3+(0.3ppm and 0.9 ppm) at 800-830nm wavelengths, Raman scattering due to glass matrix and Nd3+ fluorescence were overlapped spectrally in the wavelength region of 860~940nm. Under such conditions, Nd3+ works as a seeding and an amplifier of SRS, resulting in SRS enhancement at 840~940nm wavelengths. The terrace-microspheres of both highindex glasses showed SRS gain enhancement of 4 times (Normalized SRS gain = [SRS peak intensities at various pumping wavelength] / [SRS peak intensity at 790nm pumping wavelength]) and decrease in SRS thresholds from 2.5mW (λpump≈790nm) to 0.3mW (λpump≈810~830nm). On the other hand at high-content Nd3+ (15, 120 and 16000ppm), Nd3+ fluorescence intensity was far stronger than that of Raman scattering and SRS was not observed clearly. The reason why SRS decreased in the high-Nd3+-content glass spheres was discussed: Nd3+ absorption in the region of 890~900nm wavelengths is one of the plausible explanations. Terrace-microsphere of Nd3+ (0.9ppm) BaO-ZnO-TiO2 glass was also used for pumping experiment, which glass shows 30 times stronger spontaneous Raman scattering than that of silica glass, and result in strongest SRS emission was performed. The high-index multi-component terrace-microspheres containing Nd3+ of relatively low content have a potential application to a low-threshold spherical Raman laser for multiwavelength emission in the near-infrared region (λ=840~940nm).
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Hiyori Uehara, Hiyori Uehara, Tetsuo Kishi, Tetsuo Kishi, Tetsuji Yano, Tetsuji Yano, Shuichi Shibata, Shuichi Shibata, } "Enhancement of stimulated Raman scattering in Nd3+-doped terrace-microspheres", Proc. SPIE 8204, Smart Nano-Micro Materials and Devices, 82040U (23 December 2011); doi: 10.1117/12.903287; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.903287

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