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15 February 2012 Mid-IR laser oscillation via energy transfer in the Co:Fe:ZnS/Se co-doped crystals
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Room temperature iron doped II-VI lasers have demonstrated broad band tunability between 3.5 and 6 μm with efficiency ~40%. However, these lasers require pump sources with a wavelength ~3 μm which could be selected only from a few available. Cobalt ions in the II-VI materials have strong absorption bands at 4A24T1(4P) and 4A24T1(4F) transitions located at ~0.75 and 1.5 μm, respectively. A number of different laser sources (including diode lasers) could be potentially used for cobalt excitation followed by energy transfer to iron ions. Here we report materials fabrication and study of energy transfer in Co:Fe:ZnS(ZnSe) crystals. Iron-cobalt co-doped samples were prepared using a two-stage post-growth thermal diffusion procedure with Fe concentrations of 8.5-19x1018 cm-3. Kinetics and photoluminescence spectra reveal energy transfer under cobalt excitation at 4A2-4T1(4F) transition by 1.56 μm radiation and 4A2-4T1(4P) transition by 0.7 μm radiation. Analysis shows effective energy transfer from 4T1(4F), 4T2 and 4T1(4F) Co2+ energy levels to 5T2 excited level of Fe2+ ions the first realization of Fe2+ ions lasing at 3.6 μm and 3.8μm via Co-Fe energy transfer. Demonstrated effective Co2+→Fe2+ energy transfer process could result in utilization of a more convenient laser pump sources for the Fe2+:II-VI lasers.
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Jeremy Peppers, NoSoung Myoung, Vladimir V. Fedorov, and Sergey B. Mirov "Mid-IR laser oscillation via energy transfer in the Co:Fe:ZnS/Se co-doped crystals", Proc. SPIE 8235, Solid State Lasers XXI: Technology and Devices, 823503 (15 February 2012);

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