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4 February 1988 Progress With Gain Measurements In Li-Like Ions At 15.4 Nm (A1XI) And 12.9 Nm (SiXII)
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The sequence of Li-like ions represents an attractive avenue to progress to laser action at soft X-ray wavelengths shorter than those of current X-ray lasers1,2 (see also Refs. 3-6). We are exploring the possibilities for laser action at 15.4 nm in Li-like A1XI and 12.9 nm in Li-like SiXII in a magnetically confined recombining plasma. A ti 1 kJ CO2 laser is focussed onto an aluminum or silicon target assembly and the resulting plasma confined in a solenoidal magnetic field of up to 90 kG. This approach is similar to our previous work on hydrogen-like carbon, CVI, which led to lasing action on the n = 3 to m = 2 transition at 18.2 nm. For lithium-like ions we measure a maximum gain-length (gL) on the 4f-3d transition, of gL Rs 3-4 at 15.4 nm and gL % 1-2 at 12.9 nm. The 18.2 nm laser has been applied to microscopy and first results from a soft X-ray laser microscope are presented.
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C. H. Skinner, D. Kim, A. Wouters, D. Voorhees, and S. Suckewer "Progress With Gain Measurements In Li-Like Ions At 15.4 Nm (A1XI) And 12.9 Nm (SiXII)", Proc. SPIE 0831, X-Rays from Laser Plasmas, (4 February 1988);

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