30 April 2012 Dielectric loaded surface plasmon waveguides for datacom applications
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We rst report on design, fabrication and characterizations of thermally-controlled plasmonic routers relying on the interference of a plasmonic and a photonic mode supported by wide enough dielectric loaded waveguides. We show that, by owing a current through the gold lm on which the dielectric waveguides are deposited, the length of the beating created by the interference of the two modes can be controlled accurately. By operating such a plasmonic dual-mode interferometer switch, symmetric extinction ratio of 7dB are obtained at the output ports of a 2x2 router. Next, we demonstrate ber-to-ber characterizations of stand-alone dielectric loaded surface plasmon waveguide (DLSPPW) devices by using grating couplers. The couplers are comprised of dielectric loaded gratings with carefully chosen periods and duty-cycles close to 0.5. We show that insertion loss below 10dB per coupler can be achieved with optimized gratings. This coupling scheme is used to operate Bit-Error-Rate (BER) measurements for the transmission of a 10Gbits/s signal along a stand-alone straight DLSPPW. We show in particular that these waveguides introduce a rather small BER power penalty (below 1dB) demonstrating the suitability of this plasmonic waveguiding platform for high-bit rate transmission.
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J.-C. Weeber, J.-C. Weeber, K. Hassan, K. Hassan, M. G. Nielsen, M. G. Nielsen, A. Pitilakis, A. Pitilakis, O. Tsilipakos, O. Tsilipakos, E. E. Kriezis, E. E. Kriezis, J. Fatome, J. Fatome, C. Finot, C. Finot, L. Markey, L. Markey, O. Albrektsen, O. Albrektsen, S. I. Bozhevolnyi, S. I. Bozhevolnyi, A. Dereux, A. Dereux, "Dielectric loaded surface plasmon waveguides for datacom applications", Proc. SPIE 8424, Nanophotonics IV, 842407 (30 April 2012); doi: 10.1117/12.921766; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.921766

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