17 September 2012 Calibration of AGILE-GRID with in-flight data and Monte Carlo simulations
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AGILE is a γ/X-ray telescope which has been in orbit since 23 April 2007. The γ-ray detector, AGILE-GRID, has observed Galactic and extragalactic sources, many of which were collected in the first AGILE Catalog. We present the calibration of the AGILE-GRID using in-flight data and updated Monte Carlo simulations, producing response matrices for the effective area, energy dispersion, and point spread dispersion as a function of pointing direction in instrument coordinates and energy. We performed Monte Carlo simulations in GEANT3 at different γ-ray photon energies and incident angles, using Kalman filter-based photon reconstruction and on-board and on-ground filters. Long integrations of in-flight observations of the Vela, Crab and Geminga sources in broad and narrow energy bands were used to validate
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Andrew W. Chen, Andrew W. Chen, A. Argan, A. Argan, A. Bulgarelli, A. Bulgarelli, P. W. Cattaneo, P. W. Cattaneo, A. Giuliani, A. Giuliani, C. Pittori, C. Pittori, G. Pucella, G. Pucella, M. Tavani, M. Tavani, A. Trois, A. Trois, G. Barbiellini, G. Barbiellini, P. Caraveo, P. Caraveo, S. Colafrancesco, S. Colafrancesco, E. Costa, E. Costa, G. De Paris, G. De Paris, E. Del Monte, E. Del Monte, G. Di Cocco, G. Di Cocco, I. Donnarumma, I. Donnarumma, Y. Evangelista, Y. Evangelista, A. Ferrari, A. Ferrari, M. Feroci, M. Feroci, M. Fiorini, M. Fiorini, F. Fuschino, F. Fuschino, M. Galli, M. Galli, F. Gianotti, F. Gianotti, P. Giommi, P. Giommi, M. Giusti, M. Giusti, C. Labanti, C. Labanti, I. Lapshov, I. Lapshov, F. Lazzarotto, F. Lazzarotto, P. Lipari, P. Lipari, F. Longo, F. Longo, F. Lucarelli, F. Lucarelli, M. Marisaldi, M. Marisaldi, S. Mereghetti, S. Mereghetti, E. Morelli, E. Morelli, E. Moretti, E. Moretti, A. Morselli, A. Morselli, L. Pacciani, L. Pacciani, A. Pellizzoni, A. Pellizzoni, F. Perotti, F. Perotti, G. Piano, G. Piano, P. Picozza, P. Picozza, M. Pilia, M. Pilia, M. Prest, M. Prest, M. Rapisarda, M. Rapisarda, A. Rappoldi, A. Rappoldi, A. Rubini, A. Rubini, S. Sabatini, S. Sabatini, P. Santolamazza, P. Santolamazza, P. Soffitta, P. Soffitta, E. Striani, E. Striani, M. Trifoglio, M. Trifoglio, L. Salotti, L. Salotti, E. Vallazza, E. Vallazza, S. Vercellone, S. Vercellone, F. Verrecchia, F. Verrecchia, V. Vittorini, V. Vittorini, D. Zanello, D. Zanello, } "Calibration of AGILE-GRID with in-flight data and Monte Carlo simulations", Proc. SPIE 8443, Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2012: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray, 84434E (17 September 2012); doi: 10.1117/12.926195; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.926195


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