24 September 2012 First Light with RATIR: An Automated 6-band Optical/NIR Imaging Camera
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The Reionization and Transients InfraRed camera (RATIR) is a simultaneous optical/NIR multi-band imaging camera which is 100% time-dedicated to the followup of Gamma-ray Bursts. The camera is mounted on the 1.5-meter Johnson telescope of the Mexican Observatorio Astronomico Nacional on Sierra San Pedro Martir in Baja California. With rapid slew capability and autonomous interrupt capabilities, the system will image GRBs in 6 bands (i, r, Z, Y, J, and H) within minutes of receiving a satellite position, detecting optically faint afterglows in the NIR and quickly alerting the community to potential GRBs at high redshift (z>6-10). We report here on this Spring's first light observing campaign with RATIR. We summarize the instrumental characteristics, capabilities, and observing modes.
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