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24 September 2012 BATMAN: a DMD-based MOS demonstrator on Galileo Telescope
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Multi-Object Spectrographs (MOS) are the major instruments for studying primary galaxies and remote and faint objects. Current object selection systems are limited and/or difficult to implement in next generation MOS for space and groundbased telescopes. A promising solution is the use of MOEMS devices such as micromirror arrays which allow the remote control of the multi-slit configuration in real time. We are developing a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) - based spectrograph demonstrator called BATMAN. We want to access the largest FOV with the highest contrast. The selected component is a DMD chip from Texas Instruments in 2048 x 1080 mirrors format, with a pitch of 13.68μm. Our optical design is an all-reflective spectrograph design with F/4 on the DMD component. This demonstrator permits the study of key parameters such as throughput, contrast and ability to remove unwanted sources in the FOV (background, spoiler sources), PSF effect, new observational modes. This study will be conducted in the visible with possible extension in the IR. A breadboard on an optical bench, ROBIN, has been developed for a preliminary determination of these parameters. The demonstrator on the sky is then of prime importance for characterizing the actual performance of this new family of instruments, as well as investigating the operational procedures on astronomical objects. BATMAN will be placed on the Nasmyth focus of Telescopio Nazionale Galileo (TNG) during next year.
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Frédéric Zamkotsian, Paolo Spanò, William Bon, Marco Riva, Patrick Lanzoni, Luciano Nicastro, Emilio Molinari, Rosario Cosentino, Adriano Ghedina, Manuel Gonzalez, Paolo Di Marcantonio, Igor Coretti, Roberto Cirami, Marco Manetta, Filippo Zerbi, Daniela Tresoldi, and Luca Valenziano "BATMAN: a DMD-based MOS demonstrator on Galileo Telescope", Proc. SPIE 8446, Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy IV, 84464U (24 September 2012);


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