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11 October 2012 Photoisomerization of azobenzene moiety in crosslinking polymer materials
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In this study, a series of acryloyloxy-substituted azobenzene derivatives, 3-(tert-butyl)-4,4’-bisacryoloxy-azobenzene (tBu-Azo-AO), 3-(tert-butyl)-4,4’-bis[3-(acryoloxy)propoxy]-azobenzene (tBu-Azo-AO3) and 3-(tert-butyl)-4,4’-bis[6-(acryoloxy)hexyloxy]-azobenzene (tBu-Azo-AO6) were synthesized and employed as monomers to prepare polymer films by copolymerizing dipentaerythritol hexaacrylate (DPE-6A) and methyl methacrylate (MMA), respectively. When exposed to a nanosecond laser beam at the wavelength of 355 nm, ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) absorption spectra of the resultant polymer films with different irradiation time were monitored. On the basis of the absorbance of the π-π* electronic transition, the kinetics of trans-to-cis photoisomerization of three kinds of azobenzene moieties were demonstrated and found to be influenced by both the pump energy and azobenzene concentration.
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Hui Wang, Wei-Qiang Chen, Feng Jin, Xian-Zi Dong, Zhen-Sheng Zhao, and Xuan-Ming Duan "Photoisomerization of azobenzene moiety in crosslinking polymer materials", Proc. SPIE 8474, Optical Processes in Organic Materials and Nanostructures, 847414 (11 October 2012);

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