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25 October 2012 Analysis of time series geospatial data for seismic precursors detection in Vrancea zone
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Rock microfracturing in the Earth's crust preceding a seismic rupture may cause local surface deformation fields, rock dislocations, charged particle generation and motion, electrical conductivity changes, gas emission, fluid diffusion, electrokinetic, piezomagnetic and piezoelectric effects. Space-time anomalies of Earth’s emitted radiation (radon in underground water and soil , thermal infrared in spectral range measured from satellite months to weeks before the occurrence of earthquakes etc.), ionospheric and electromagnetic anomalies are considered as pre-seismic signals. Satellite remote sensing data provides a systematic, synoptic framework for advancing scientific knowledge of the Earth complex system of geophysical phenomena which often lead to seismic hazards. The GPS data provides exciting prospects in seismology including detecting, imaging and analyzing signals in regions of seismo-active areas. This paper aims at investigating thermal seismic precursors for some major earthquakes in Romania in Vrancea area, occurred in 1977, 1986, 1990 and 2004, based on time series satellite data provided by NOAA and MODIS. Quantitative analysis of land surface temperature (LST) and ongoing long wave radiation (OLR) data extracted from satellite and in-situ monitoring available data recorded before and during the occurrence of earthquake events shows the consistent increasing in the air and land surface in the epicentral locations several days before earthquake, and at different distances of hypocenters function of registered earthquake moment magnitude.
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M. A. Zoran, R. S. Savastru, and D. M. Savastru "Analysis of time series geospatial data for seismic precursors detection in Vrancea zone", Proc. SPIE 8538, Earth Resources and Environmental Remote Sensing/GIS Applications III, 853809 (25 October 2012);

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