22 March 2013 A portable microfluidic-based biophotonic sensor for extracellular H2O2 measurements
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In this work a portable analytical biosensor for real-time extracellular monitoring of released hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 ) is presented. The biosensor is based on the optical detection of the cytochrome c (cyt c) oxidation state. The setup consists of an integrated microscope combined with a compact spectrometer. The light being absorbed by cyt c is enhanced via multiscattering produced by random aggregates of polystyrene beads in a cross-linked cyt c matrix. Using ink-jet printing technique, the sensing elements, namely cyt c loaded polystyrene aggregates, are fabricated with high reliability in terms of repeatability of size and sensitivity. Additionally, the sensing elements are enclosed in a microfluidic channel assuring a fast and efficient analytes delivery. As an example, the effect of trace concentrations of functionalized cadmium selenide/zinc sulfide (CdSe/ZnS) core shell quantum dots on the green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii is investigated, showing extracellular H2O2 release with different production rates over a period of 1 hour. In conclusion, the presented portable biosensor enables the highly sensitive and non-invasive real-time monitoring of the cell metabolism of C. reinhardtii.
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V. Koman, V. Koman, G. Suárez, G. Suárez, Ch. Santschi, Ch. Santschi, V. J. Cadarso, V. J. Cadarso, J. Brugger, J. Brugger, N. von Moos, N. von Moos, V. I. Slaveykova, V. I. Slaveykova, O. J. F. Martin, O. J. F. Martin, "A portable microfluidic-based biophotonic sensor for extracellular H2O2 measurements", Proc. SPIE 8572, Advanced Biomedical and Clinical Diagnostic Systems XI, 857218 (22 March 2013); doi: 10.1117/12.2008329; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2008329

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