Endoscopic Microscopy VIII
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2-7 February 2013
San Francisco, California, United States
Front Matter: Volume 8575
Proc. SPIE 8575, Front Matter: Volume 8575, 857501 (26 March 2013);
Fiber Bundle Techniques
Proc. SPIE 8575, Multicolor probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy: a new world for in vivo and real-time cellular imaging, 857504 (13 March 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8575, Needle endomicroscope with a plastic, achromatic objective to perform optical biopsies of breast tissue, 857505 (13 March 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8575, A near infrared angioscope visualizing lipid within arterial vessel wall based on multi-spectral image in 1.7 µm wavelength band, 857506 (13 March 2013);
New Techniques and Contrast Agents
Proc. SPIE 8575, Detecting fluorescence hot-spots using mosaic maps generated from multimodal endoscope imaging , 857508 (13 March 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8575, High resolution, large field-of-view endomicroscope with optical zoom capability, 85750G (13 March 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8575, Label free multiphoton imaging of human pulmonary tissues through two-meter-long microstructured fiber and multicore image-guide, 85750H (13 March 2013);
New OCT Probes
Proc. SPIE 8575, Spiral-scanning, side-viewing optical coherence tomography endoscope for three-dimensional fully sampled in vivo imaging of the mouse colon, 85750R (13 March 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8575, Fluorescence-based SMC and OCT endoscope to study aberrant crypt foci in the mouse colon, 85750S (13 March 2013);
Joint Session with Conferences 8616 and 8575: Microscopy
Proc. SPIE 8575, Handheld multispectral dual-axis confocal microscope for cervical cancer screening, 85750V (13 March 2013);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 8575, Evaluation of a compound eye type tactile endoscope, 85750Z (13 March 2013);
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