18 March 2013 Tunability of Yb:glass laser
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Ytterbium doped phosphate glass (5 mol% of Yb2O3, thickness 1 and 2 mm, uncoated), developed for fibre laser, was tested in bulk form as a laser active medium. For Yb:glass pumping a fibre coupled (fibre core diameter 100 μm, NA = 0.22) laser diode with emission at wavelength 975nm was used. The laser diode was operating in pulsed regime (pulse length 1.5 ms, repetition rate 5 Hz, maximum pulse energy 22 mJ) with low duty cycle to reduce a heat accumulation inside the active medium (Yb:glass was only air-cooled). Longitudinally pumped Yb:glass samples were placed inside the 145mm long semi-hemispherical resonator formed by a flat pumping mirror (HR @ 1.0 − 1.1 μm, HT @ 0.97 μm) and by curved output coupler (r = 150 mm). Set of output couplers with reflectivity 91 – 97% @ 1.0 − 1.1 μm was used. Tuning of the Yb:glass laser was accomplished by using a birefringent filter (single 1.5mm thick quartz plate) placed inside the optical resonator at the Brewster angle between the output coupler (reflectivity 97%) and laser active medium. In untuned regime the energy up to 2.4mJ was obtained at wavelength 1050 nm. Slope efficiency up to 17% in respect to absorbed pumping was reached with the 2mm sample. In tuned regime the smooth laser tuning curve, limited by used Lyot filter, extended from 1005nm up to 1080nm (FWHM 48 nm). The maximum output energy of 1.65mJ was obtained at 1060nm for the absorbed energy 16 mJ.
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Jan Šulc, Jan Šulc, Ondrej Krivosudský, Ondrej Krivosudský, Helena Jelínková, Helena Jelínková, Ryszard Stepien, Ryszard Stepien, "Tunability of Yb:glass laser ", Proc. SPIE 8599, Solid State Lasers XXII: Technology and Devices, 85991U (18 March 2013); doi: 10.1117/12.2002041; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2002041

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