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21 February 2013 Resonant near-infrared emission of Er3+ ions in plasmonic arrays of subwavelength square holes
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Periodic nanostructure arrays consisting of square holes were fabricated with a Focused Gallium Ion Beam on a gold thin film deposited onto the surface of an Er3+-doped tellurite glass. The nominal dimensions of the square elements are approximately 300×300 nm2, separated by 1.0 μm, such that we have arrays of approximately 15×15, 10×10 and 5×5 μm2 dimensions. The metallic nanostructures were vertically illuminated with a diode laser at 405 nm. The Er3+ luminescence spectrum in the near-infrared was measured in the far-field via the micro-luminescence technique. The excitation and emission of the Er3+ ions were obtained through of the so-called extraordinary optical transmission of excitation and emission light, respectively, via those squares array. In this way, metallic nanostructures sustaining surface plasmons can excite and change the emission properties of the Er3+ ions. Additional contributions on the emission spectra were achieved due to the influence of the gold metal film, i.e., the resonant properties from the plasmonic nanostructures can strongly influence the spectroscopic features of the Er3+ ions. Therefore, we present a systematic quantum mechanical experiment that shows the quantum plasmonic properties of these nanostructure arrays on the erbium ions, with direct applications for understanding and exploiting of nanophotonic devices.
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V. A. G. Rivera, Y. Ledemi, M. El-Amraoui, Y. Messaddeq, and E. Marega Jr. "Resonant near-infrared emission of Er3+ ions in plasmonic arrays of subwavelength square holes", Proc. SPIE 8632, Photonic and Phononic Properties of Engineered Nanostructures III, 863225 (21 February 2013);

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