19 February 2013 Digital ruler: real-time object tracking and dimension measurement using stereo cameras
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Stereo metrology involves obtaining spatial estimates of an object’s length or perimeter using the disparity between boundary points. True 3D scene information is required to extract length measurements of an object’s projection onto the 2D image plane. In stereo vision the disparity measurement is highly sensitive to object distance, baseline distance, calibration errors, and relative movement of the left and right demarcation points between successive frames. Therefore a tracking filter is necessary to reduce position error and improve the accuracy of the length measurement to a useful level. A Cartesian coordinate extended Kalman (EKF) filter is designed based on the canonical equations of stereo vision. This filter represents a simple reference design that has not seen much exposure in the literature. A second filter formulated in a modified sensor-disparity (DS) coordinate system is also presented and shown to exhibit lower errors during a simulated experiment.
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James Nash, James Nash, Kalin Atanassov, Kalin Atanassov, Sergio Goma, Sergio Goma, Vikas Ramachandra, Vikas Ramachandra, Hasib Siddiqui, Hasib Siddiqui, "Digital ruler: real-time object tracking and dimension measurement using stereo cameras", Proc. SPIE 8656, Real-Time Image and Video Processing 2013, 865606 (19 February 2013); doi: 10.1117/12.2008562; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2008562

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