1 April 2013 ASML's NXE platform performance and volume introduction
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All six NXE:3100, 0.25 NA EUV exposure systems are in use at customer sites enabling device development and cycles of learning for early production work in all lithographic segments; Logic, DRAM, MPU, and FLASH memory. NXE EUV lithography has demonstrated imaging and overlay performance both at ASML and end-users that supports sub- 27nm device work. Dedicated chuck overlay performance of <2nm has been shown on all six NXE:3100 systems. The key remaining challenge is productivity, which translates to a cost-effective introduction of EUVL in high-volume manufacturing (HVM). High volume manufacturing of the devices and processes in development is expected to be done with the third generation EUV scanners - the NXE:3300B. The NXE:3300B utilizes an NA of 0.33 and is positioned at a resolution of 22nm which can be extended to 18nm with off-axis illumination. The subsystem performance is improved to support these imaging resolutions and overall productivity enhancements are integrated into the NXE platform consistent with 125 wph. Since EUV reticles currently do not use a pellicle, special attention is given to reticle-addeddefects performance in terms of system design and machine build including maintenance procedures. In this paper we will summarize key lithographic performance of the NXE:3100 and the NXE:3300B, the NXE platform improvements made from learning on NXE:3100 and the Alpha Demo Tool, current status of EUV sources and development for the high-power sources needed for HVM. Finally, the possibilities for EUV roadmap extension will be reviewed.
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Rudy Peeters, Rudy Peeters, Sjoerd Lok, Sjoerd Lok, Erwin van Alphen, Erwin van Alphen, Noreen Harned, Noreen Harned, Peter Kuerz, Peter Kuerz, Martin Lowisch, Martin Lowisch, Henk Meijer, Henk Meijer, David Ockwell, David Ockwell, Eelco van Setten, Eelco van Setten, Guido Schiffelers, Guido Schiffelers, Jan-Willem van der Horst, Jan-Willem van der Horst, Judon Stoeldraijer, Judon Stoeldraijer, Robert Kazinczi, Robert Kazinczi, Richard Droste, Richard Droste, Hans Meiling, Hans Meiling, Ron Kool, Ron Kool, "ASML's NXE platform performance and volume introduction", Proc. SPIE 8679, Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Lithography IV, 86791F (1 April 2013); doi: 10.1117/12.2010932; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2010932

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