31 May 2013 A higher-speed compressive sensing camera through multi-diode design
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Obtaining high frame rates is a challenge with compressive sensing (CS) systems that gather measurements in a sequential manner, such as the single-pixel CS camera. One strategy for increasing the frame rate is to divide the FOV into smaller areas that are sampled and reconstructed in parallel. Following this strategy, InView has developed a multi-aperture CS camera using an 8×4 array of photodiodes that essentially act as 32 individual simultaneously operating single-pixel cameras. Images reconstructed from each of the photodiode measurements are stitched together to form the full FOV. To account for crosstalk between the sub-apertures, novel modulation patterns have been developed to allow neighboring sub-apertures to share energy. Regions of overlap not only account for crosstalk energy that would otherwise be reconstructed as noise, but they also allow for tolerance in the alignment of the DMD to the lenslet array. Currently, the multi-aperture camera is built into a computational imaging workstation configuration useful for research and development purposes. In this configuration, modulation patterns are generated in a CPU and sent to the DMD via PCI express, which allows the operator to develop and change the patterns used in the data acquisition step. The sensor data is collected and then streamed to the workstation via an Ethernet or USB connection for the reconstruction step. Depending on the amount of data taken and the amount of overlap between sub-apertures, frame rates of 2–5 frames per second can be achieved. In a stand-alone camera platform, currently in development, pattern generation and reconstruction will be implemented on-board.
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Matthew A. Herman, Matthew A. Herman, James Tidman, James Tidman, Donna Hewitt, Donna Hewitt, Tyler Weston, Tyler Weston, Lenore McMackin, Lenore McMackin, "A higher-speed compressive sensing camera through multi-diode design", Proc. SPIE 8717, Compressive Sensing II, 871706 (31 May 2013); doi: 10.1117/12.2015745; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2015745

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