25 September 2013 Group delay properties of linear chirped Gaussian pulse diffracted by volume gratings
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Volume gratings are of wide interest in many applications because of their properties of high diffraction efficiency, excellent wavelength selectivity and angular selectivity. Ultrashort pulsed laser has many promising applications in the fields such as optical communication, signal and imaging processing. Because of its abundant spectrum and wide bandwidth, the diffraction properties of volume gratings under illumination by ultrashort optical pulse will be different from that of a monochromatic continuous wave. A periodical structure is highly dispersive and such a dispersive property can be used to control the group velocity of light beams. So the spectral properties and dispersive properties of the periodically layered structures such as volume gratings when a linear chirped Gaussian pulse illuminated are very necessary. These properties can be applicable to addressable filter, switching, and controllable optical delay line. In this paper, a detailed study of linear chirped ultrashort pulsed beams diffracted by volume gratings in dispersive media is performed. The group delay characteristics of the diffraction spectrum of the transmitted and reflected volume gratings were studied based on the modified coupled wave theory. The analysis and observation of this paper will be valuable for the designing optical elements based on diffractive structure for the use with linear chirped ultra-short pulsed waves.
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Huili Chen, Huili Chen, Aimin Yan, Aimin Yan, Zhijuan Hu, Zhijuan Hu, Wangzhou Shi, Wangzhou Shi, Yadong Jin, Yadong Jin, Congling Lv, Congling Lv, } "Group delay properties of linear chirped Gaussian pulse diffracted by volume gratings", Proc. SPIE 8847, Photonic Fiber and Crystal Devices: Advances in Materials and Innovations in Device Applications VII, 884717 (25 September 2013); doi: 10.1117/12.2022616; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2022616

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