26 September 2013 Anaglyph stereo images generated from object topography obtained through fringe projection
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The structured light technique is useful to evaluate the topography of an object. By using the Fourier transform, the phase of a fringe pattern is obtained from a single image. With the phase information and the sensibility vector of the optical system, the value z(x, y) at each point of the object can be determined. It is known that color is a subjective sensation, and it changes depending on the observer. In order to make an association of real color and texture, it is necessary to calibrate and profile the optical devices involved in the process. Thus, we ensure that the color detected by a camera is the same displayed on the monitor and perceived by the observer, so it is possible to associate the color of the target object in addition to the evaluation of topography. On the other hand, 3D visualization is possible by using a stereoscopic system that provides two different images of the same object (one for each eye). One possible technique is that known as the anaglyph method, based on the binocular disparity of two images obtained with different color filters. Each one of the images is taken with complementary colors (red-blue or red-green), and the tri-dimensional shape can be seen through the use of special glasses; this way, each eye sees an image from its own angle. Object topography is obtained with the fringe projection technique, and then one image is selected and pseudo colored; then, the second image is taken, slightly changing the perspective of the tridimensional display and pseudo coloring it with a complimentary color. A computational algorithm is developed to evaluate and visualize the object in real time.
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Yolanda Yanet López Dóminguez, Yolanda Yanet López Dóminguez, Amalia Martínez García, Amalia Martínez García, Juan Antonio Rayas Álvarez, Juan Antonio Rayas Álvarez, Katia Genovese, Katia Genovese, } "Anaglyph stereo images generated from object topography obtained through fringe projection", Proc. SPIE 8855, Optics and Photonics for Information Processing VII, 88550S (26 September 2013); doi: 10.1117/12.2023744; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2023744

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