4 March 2014 Combining optical coherence tomography with acoustic radiation force for depth-dependent biomechanics of crystalline lens
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Noninvasively probing the biomechanical properties of crystalline lens has been challenging due to its unique features such as location inside the eye and being optically and ultrasonically transparent. Here we introduce a method of relying on the spectral analysis of the lens surface response to a mechanical stimulation for the depthdependent assessment of lens biomechanical properties. In this method, acoustic radiation force (ARF) is used to remotely induce the deformation on the surface of the crystalline lens, and a phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography (PhS-OCT) system, co-focused with ARF, utilized to monitor the localized temporal response of ARFinduced deformations on the lens surface. The dominant frequency from the amplitude spectra of the surface response is obtained as the indicator of the depthwise elasticity distribution. Pilot experiments were performed on tissue-mimicking layered phantoms and ex vivo porcine crystalline lens. Results indicate that the frequency response of the sample surface is contributed by the mechanical properties of layers located at different depths and the depthdependent elastic properties can be revealed from the amplitude spectrum. Further study will be focused on combining the experimental measurements with theoretical model and inverse numerical method for depth-resolved elastography of the crystalline lens.
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Shang Wang, Shang Wang, Salavat Aglyamov, Salavat Aglyamov, Andrei Karpiouk, Andrei Karpiouk, Jiasong Li, Jiasong Li, Stanislav Emelianov, Stanislav Emelianov, Fabrice Manns, Fabrice Manns, Kirill V. Larin, Kirill V. Larin, "Combining optical coherence tomography with acoustic radiation force for depth-dependent biomechanics of crystalline lens", Proc. SPIE 8934, Optical Coherence Tomography and Coherence Domain Optical Methods in Biomedicine XVIII, 89340Y (4 March 2014); doi: 10.1117/12.2041976; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2041976

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