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7 March 2014 One-step production of multilayered microparticles by tri-axial electro-flow focusing
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Microencapsulation of drugs and imaging agents in the same carrier is of great significance for simultaneous detection and treatment of diseases. In this work, we have developed a tri-axial electro-flow focusing (TEFF) device using three needles with a novel concentric arrangement to one-step form multilayered microparticles. The TEFF process can be characterized as a multi-fluidic compound cone-jet configuration in the core of a high-speed coflowing gas stream under an axial electric field. The tri-axial liquid jet eventually breaks up into multilayered droplets. To validate the method, the effect of main process parameters on characteristics of the cone and the jet has been studied experimentally. The applied electric field can dramatically promote the stability of the compound cone and enhance the atomization of compound liquid jets. Microparticles with both three-layer, double-layer and single-layer structures have been obtained. The results show that the TEFF technique has great benefits in fabricating multilayered microparticles at smaller scales. This method will be able to one-step encapsulate multiple therapeutic and imaging agents for biomedical applications such as multi-modal imaging, drug delivery and biomedicine.
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Ting Si, Hanxin Feng, Yang Li, Xisheng Luo, and Ronald Xu "One-step production of multilayered microparticles by tri-axial electro-flow focusing", Proc. SPIE 8956, Reporters, Markers, Dyes, Nanoparticles, and Molecular Probes for Biomedical Applications VI, 89560B (7 March 2014);

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