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25 February 2014 Semi-portable full-color electro-holographic display with small size
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Although various 3-D head mounted displays (HMDs) using stereograms have been implemented, extended usage of those systems cause discomfort, fatigue and tiredness because stereogram do not satisfy all 3-D visual cues: accommodation, vergence, and parallax. On the other hand, electro-holography enables observers to view natural 3-D images with minimal discomfort due to satisfying these necessary cues. This time, we fabricated a small sized full-color holographic display system with a type of binocular eyepiece for the base of the wearable system. In this paper, we describe the structure of our system and the proposed calibration method for the arrangement of the optical parts. This calibration plays an important role in the accuracy of the reconstructed images. The main optical parts are combined to a single component to keep the exact arrangement, so this system is semi-portable and can be used everywhere with only a little adjustment. The system has the slide structure between left and right view point like binoculars to eliminate the influence of individual interpupillary distances (PDs). The field sequential color method enables the system to reconstruct full-color images by this display system. The light source is a full-color LED covered with a sharpened fiber and the tip of the fiber works as an almost ideal point light source. The results of the subjective experiments show that reconstructed full-color images are statistically located at the correct depths and satisfy correct accommodation and vergence without the influence of individual PDs.
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Takuo Yoneyama, Tsubasa Ichikawa, and Yuji Sakamoto "Semi-portable full-color electro-holographic display with small size", Proc. SPIE 9006, Practical Holography XXVIII: Materials and Applications, 900617 (25 February 2014);

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