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31 December 2013 Transmitted spectral modulation of double-ring resonator using liquid crystals in terahertz range
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Metamaterials with subwavelength structural features show unique electromagnetic responses that are unattainable with natural materials. Recent research on these artificial materials has been pushed forward to the terahertz region because of potential applications in biological fingerprinting, security imaging, remote sensing, and high frequency magnetic and electric resonant devices. Active control of their properties could further facilitate and open up new applications in terms of modulation and switching. Liquid crystals, which have been the subject of research for more than a century, have the unique properties for the development of many other optical components such as light valves, tunable filters and tunable lenses. In this paper, we investigated the transmitted spectral modulation in terahertz range by using liquid crystals (5CB and TEB300) covering on the fabricated double-ring resonators to realize the shift of the resonance frequency. Our obtained results indicate the low frequency resonance shows the obvious blue-shift, while the location of high frequency resonance is nearly unchanged. We believe this phenomenon is related to not only the refractive index of the covering liquid crystals but also the resonant mechanism of both resonances.
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Huijuan Sun, Qingli Zhou, Xiumin Wang, Chenyu Li, Ani Wu, and Cunlin Zhang "Transmitted spectral modulation of double-ring resonator using liquid crystals in terahertz range", Proc. SPIE 9042, 2013 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Optical Systems and Modern Optoelectronic Instruments, 90421E (31 December 2013);

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