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31 March 2014 Advanced excimer laser technologies enable green semiconductor manufacturing
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"Green" has fast become an important and pervasive topic throughout many industries worldwide. Many companies, especially in the manufacturing industries, have taken steps to integrate green initiatives into their high-level corporate strategies. Governments have also been active in implementing various initiatives designed to increase corporate responsibility and accountability towards environmental issues. In the semiconductor manufacturing industry, there are growing concerns over future environmental impact as enormous fabs expand and new generation of equipments become larger and more powerful. To address these concerns, Gigaphoton has implemented various green initiatives for many years under the EcoPhoton™ program. The objective of this program is to drive innovations in technology and services that enable manufacturers to significantly reduce both the financial and environmental “green cost” of laser operations in high-volume manufacturing environment (HVM) – primarily focusing on electricity, gas and heat management costs. One example of such innovation is Gigaphoton’s Injection-Lock system, which reduces electricity and gas utilization costs of the laser by up to 50%. Furthermore, to support the industry’s transition from 300mm to the next generation 450mm wafers, technologies are being developed to create lasers that offer double the output power from 60W to 120W, but reducing electricity and gas consumption by another 50%. This means that the efficiency of lasers can be improve by up to 4 times in 450mm wafer production environments. Other future innovations include the introduction of totally Heliumfree Excimer lasers that utilize Nitrogen gas as its replacement for optical module purging. This paper discusses these and other innovations by Gigaphoton to enable green manufacturing.
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Hitomi Fukuda, Youngsun Yoo, Yuji Minegishi, Naoto Hisanaga, and Tatsuo Enami "Advanced excimer laser technologies enable green semiconductor manufacturing", Proc. SPIE 9052, Optical Microlithography XXVII, 90522J (31 March 2014);


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