8 March 2014 Bio inspired Magnet-polymer (Magpol) actuators
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Magnet filler–polymer matrix composites (Magpol) are an emerging class of morphing materials. Magpol composites have an interesting ability to undergo large strains in response to an external magnetic field. The potential to develop Magpol as large strain actuators is due to the ability to incorporate large particle loading into the composite and also due to the increased interaction area at the interface of the nanoparticles and the composite. Mn-Zn ferrite fillers with different saturation magnetizations (Ms) were synthesized. Magpol composites consisting of magnetic ferrite filler particles in an Poly ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) matrix were prepared. The deformation characteristics of the actuator were determined. The morphing ability of the Magpol composite was studied under different magnetic fields and also with different filler loadings. All films exhibited large strain under the applied magnetic field. The maximum strain of the composite showed an exponential dependence on the Ms. The work output of Magpol was also calculated using the work loop method. Work densities of upto 1 kJ/m3 were obtained which can be compared to polypyrrole actuators, but with almost double the typical strain. Applications of Magpol can include artificial muscles, drug delivery, adaptive optics and self healing structures. Advantages of Magpol include remote contactless actuation, high actuation strain and strain rate and quick response.
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Anansa S. Ahmed, Anansa S. Ahmed, R. V. Ramanujan, R. V. Ramanujan, "Bio inspired Magnet-polymer (Magpol) actuators", Proc. SPIE 9055, Bioinspiration, Biomimetics, and Bioreplication 2014, 90550O (8 March 2014); doi: 10.1117/12.2046137; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2046137

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