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9 June 2014 Demonstration of a quick process to achieve buried heterostructure QCL leading to high power and wall plug efficiency
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Together with the optimal basic design, buried heterostructure quantum cascade laser (BH-QCL) with semi-insulating regrowth offers unique possibility to achieve an effective thermal dissipation and lateral single mode. We demonstrate here for the first time realization of BH-QCLs with a single step regrowth of highly resistive (<1x108 ohm•cm) semiinsulating InP:Fe in less than 45 minutes in a flexible hydride vapour phase epitaxy process for burying ridges etched down to 10-15 μm deep both with and without mask overhang. The fabricated BH-QCLs emitting at ~4.7 μm and ~5.5 μm were characterized. 2 mm long 5.5 μm lasers with ridge width 17-22 μm, regrown with mask overhang, exhibited no leakage current. Large width and high doping in the structure did not permit high current density for CW operation. 5 mm long 4.7 μm BH-QCLs of ridge widths varying from 6-14 μm regrown without mask overhang, besides being spatially monomode, TM00, exhibited WPE of ~8-9% with an output power of 1.5 – 2.5 W at room temperature and under CW operation. Thus, we demonstrate a simple, flexible, quick, stable and single-step regrowth process with extremely good planarization for realizing buried QCLs leading to monomode, high power and high WPE.
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W. Metaferia, B. Simozrag, C. Junesand, Y.-T. Sun, M. Carras, F. Capasso, R. Blanchard, and S. Lourdudoss "Demonstration of a quick process to achieve buried heterostructure QCL leading to high power and wall plug efficiency", Proc. SPIE 9081, Laser Technology for Defense and Security X, 90810O (9 June 2014);

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