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1 May 2014 Feasibility of real-time geochemical analysis using LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) in oil wells
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The oil and gas industry has attempted for many years to find new ways to analyze and determine the type of rocks drilled on a real time basis. Mud analysis logging is a direct method of detecting oil and gas in formations drilled, it depends on the "feel" of the bit to decide formation type, as well as, geochemical analysis which was introduced 30 years ago, starting with a pulsed-neutron generator (PNG) based wireline tool upon which LWD technology was based. In this paper, we are studying the feasibility of introducing a new technology for real-time geochemical analysis. Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is a type of atomic emission spectroscopy, It is a cutting-edge technology that is used for many applications such as determination of alloy composition, origin of manufacture (by monitoring trace components), and molecular analysis (unknown identification). LIBS can analyze any material regardless of its state (solid, liquid or gas), based upon that fact, we can analyze rocks, formation fluids' types and contacts between them. In cooperation with the National Institute of Laser Enhanced Science, Cairo University in Egypt, we've done tests on sandstone, limestone and coal samples acquired from different places using Nd: YAG Laser with in addition to other components that are explained in details through this paper to understand the ability of Laser to analyze rock samples and provide their elemental composition using LIBS technique. We've got promising results from the sample analysis via LIBS and discussed the possibility of deploying this technology in oilfields suggesting many applications and giving a base for achieving a quantitative elemental analysis method in view of its shortcomings and solutions.
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Mohamed Shahin "Feasibility of real-time geochemical analysis using LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) in oil wells", Proc. SPIE 9135, Laser Sources and Applications II, 913514 (1 May 2014);

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