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1 August 2014 X-ray gamma-ray polarimetry small satellite PolariS
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PolariS (Polarimetry Satellite) is a Japanese small satellite mission dedicated to polarimetry of X-ray and γ-ray sources. The primary aim of the mission is to perform hard X-ray (10-80 keV) polarimetry of sources brighter than 10 mCrab. For this purpose, PolariS employs three hard X-ray telescopes and scattering type imaging polarimeters. PolariS will measure the X-ray polarization for tens of sources including extragalactic ones mostly for the first time. The second purpose of the mission is γ-ray polarimetry of transient sources, such as γ-ray bursts (GRBs). Wide field polarimeters based on similar concept as that used in the IKAROS/GAP but with higher sensitivity will be used, and polarization measurement of 10 GRBs per year is expected.
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