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28 July 2014 Wide-field MAXI: soft x-ray transient monitor on the ISS
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WF-MAXI is a soft X-ray transient monitor proposed for the ISS/JEM. Unlike MAXI, it will always cover a large field of view (20 % of the entire sky) to detect short transients more efficiently. In addition to the various transient sources seen by MAXI, we hope to localize X-ray counterparts of gravitational wave events, expected to be directly detected by Advanced-LIGO, Virgo and KAGRA in late 2010's. The main instrument, the Soft X-ray Large Solid Angle Cameras (SLC) is sensitive in the 0.7-12 keV band with a localization accuracy of ~ 0:1°. The Hard X-ray Monitor (HXM) covers the same sky field in the 20 keV-1 MeV band.
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Nobuyuki Kawai, Hiroshi Tomida, Yoichi Yatsu, Tatehiro Mihara, Shiro Ueno, Masashi Kimura, Makoto Arimoto, Motoko Serino, Takanori Sakamoto, Hiroshi Tsunemi, Takayoshi Kohmura, Hitoshi Negoro, Yoshihiro Ueda, Mikio Morii, Yoko Tsuboi, Ken Ebisawa, and Atsumasa Yoshida "Wide-field MAXI: soft x-ray transient monitor on the ISS", Proc. SPIE 9144, Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2014: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray, 91442P (28 July 2014);


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