28 July 2014 HARMONI: the first light integral field spectrograph for the E-ELT
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HARMONI is a visible and near-infrared (0.47 to 2.45 μm) integral field spectrometer, providing the E-ELT's core spectroscopic capability, over a range of resolving powers from R (≡λ/Δλ)~500 to R~20000. The instrument provides simultaneous spectra of ~32000 spaxels at visible and near-IR wavelengths, arranged in a √2:1 aspect ratio contiguous field. HARMONI is conceived as a workhorse instrument, addressing many of the E-ELT’s key science cases, and will exploit the E-ELT's scientific potential in its early years, starting at first light. HARMONI provides a range of spatial pixel (spaxel) scales and spectral resolving powers, which permit the user to optimally configure the instrument for a wide range of science programs; from ultra-sensitive to diffraction limited, spatially resolved, physical (via morphology), chemical (via abundances and line ratios) and kinematic (via line-of-sight velocities) studies of astrophysical sources. Recently, the HARMONI design has undergone substantial changes due to significant modifications to the interface with the telescope and the architecture of the E-ELT Nasmyth platform. We present an overview of the capabilities of HARMONI, and of its design from a functional and performance viewpoint.
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Niranjan A. Thatte, Niranjan A. Thatte, Fraser Clarke, Fraser Clarke, Ian Bryson, Ian Bryson, Hermine Schnetler, Hermine Schnetler, Matthias Tecza, Matthias Tecza, Roland M. Bacon, Roland M. Bacon, Alban Remillieux, Alban Remillieux, Evencio Mediavilla, Evencio Mediavilla, José Miguel Herreros Linares, José Miguel Herreros Linares, Santiago Arribas, Santiago Arribas, Christopher J. Evans, Christopher J. Evans, David W. Lunney, David W. Lunney, Thierry Fusco, Thierry Fusco, Kieran O'Brien, Kieran O'Brien, Ian A. Tosh, Ian A. Tosh, Derek J. Ives, Derek J. Ives, Gert Finger, Gert Finger, Ryan Houghton, Ryan Houghton, Roger L. Davies, Roger L. Davies, James D. Lynn, James D. Lynn, Jamie R. Allen, Jamie R. Allen, Simon D. Zieleniewski, Simon D. Zieleniewski, Sarah Kendrew, Sarah Kendrew, Vanessa Ferraro-Wood, Vanessa Ferraro-Wood, Arlette Pécontal-Rousset, Arlette Pécontal-Rousset, Johan Kosmalski, Johan Kosmalski, Johan Richard, Johan Richard, Aurelien Jarno, Aurelien Jarno, Angus M. Gallie, Angus M. Gallie, David M. Montgomery, David M. Montgomery, David Henry, David Henry, Gérard Zins, Gérard Zins, David Freeman, David Freeman, Begona García-Lorenzo, Begona García-Lorenzo, Luis Fernando Rodríguez-Ramos, Luis Fernando Rodríguez-Ramos, Jorge Sánchez Capuchino Revuelta, Jorge Sánchez Capuchino Revuelta, Elvio Hernandez Suarez, Elvio Hernandez Suarez, Alberto Bueno-Bueno, Alberto Bueno-Bueno, José Vincente Gigante-Ripoll, José Vincente Gigante-Ripoll, Adolfo Garcia, Adolfo Garcia, Kjetil Dohlen, Kjetil Dohlen, Benoît Neichel, Benoît Neichel, } "HARMONI: the first light integral field spectrograph for the E-ELT", Proc. SPIE 9147, Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy V, 914725 (28 July 2014); doi: 10.1117/12.2055436; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2055436


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