8 July 2014 Revised specifications and current development status of MIMIZUKU: the mid-infrared instrument for the TAO 6.5-m telescope
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The MIMIZUKU is the first-generation mid-infrared instrument for the TAO 6.5-m telescope. It challenges to prove the origin of dust and the formation of planets with its unique capabilities, wide wavelength coverage and precise calibration capability. The wide wavelength coverage (2-38 μm) is achieved by three switchable cameras, NIR, MIR-S, and MIR-L. The specifications of the cameras are revised. A 5μm-cutoff HAWAII-1RG is decided to be installed in the NIR camera. The optical design of the MIR-L camera is modified to avoid detector saturation. Its final F-number is extended from 5.2 to 10.5. With these modifications, the field of view of the NIR and MIR-L camera becomes 1.2’ × 1.2’ and 31” × 31”, respectively. The sensitivity of each camera is estimated based on the revised specifications. The precise calibration is achieved by the “Field Stacker” mechanism, which enables the simultaneous observation of the target and the calibration object in different fields. The up-and-down motion of the cryostat (~ 1 t), critical for the Field Stacker, is confirmed to have enough speed (4 mm/s) and position accuracy (~ 50 μm). A control panel for the Field Stacker is completed, and its controllers are successfully installed. The current specifications and the development status are reported.
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Takafumi Kamizuka, Takafumi Kamizuka, Takashi Miyata, Takashi Miyata, Shigeyuki Sako, Shigeyuki Sako, Ryou Ohsawa, Ryou Ohsawa, Kentaro Asano, Kentaro Asano, Mizuho Uchiyama, Mizuho Uchiyama, Kazushi Okada, Kazushi Okada, Masahito Uchiyama, Masahito Uchiyama, Tomohiko Nakamura, Tomohiko Nakamura, Itsuki Sakon, Itsuki Sakon, Takashi Onaka, Takashi Onaka, Hirokazu Kataza, Hirokazu Kataza, Tsutomu Aoki, Tsutomu Aoki, Mamoru Doi, Mamoru Doi, Natsuko M. Kato, Natsuko M. Kato, Kimiaki Kawara, Kimiaki Kawara, Yutaro Kitagawa, Yutaro Kitagawa, Kotaro Kohno, Kotaro Kohno, Masahiro Konishi, Masahiro Konishi, Shintaro Koshida, Shintaro Koshida, Takeo Minezaki, Takeo Minezaki, Tomoki Morokuma, Tomoki Morokuma, Kentaro Motohara, Kentaro Motohara, Takao Soyano, Takao Soyano, Hidenori Takahashi, Hidenori Takahashi, Yoichi Tamura, Yoichi Tamura, Toshihiko Tanabé, Toshihiko Tanabé, Masuo Tanaka, Masuo Tanaka, Ken'ichi Tarusawa, Ken'ichi Tarusawa, Ken Tateuchi, Ken Tateuchi, Soya Todo, Soya Todo, Yuzuru Yoshii, Yuzuru Yoshii, } "Revised specifications and current development status of MIMIZUKU: the mid-infrared instrument for the TAO 6.5-m telescope", Proc. SPIE 9147, Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy V, 91473C (8 July 2014); doi: 10.1117/12.2056184; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2056184


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