16 September 2014 Front Matter: Volume 9170
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19–20 August 2014

San Diego, California, United States

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Volume 9170

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v Authors

vii Conference Committee


9170 02 High-sensitivity silicon nanowire phototransistors (Invited Paper) [9170-1]

9170 03 Thermo-active polymer nanocomposites: a spectroscopic study [9170-2]

9170 06 Heterojunction of nano-poly (O-toluidine) on silicon nanowires is investigated as a candidate heterojunction diode [9170-5]

9170 08 Characteristic temperature analysis for PbSe/PbSrSe multiple quantum well structure [9170-7]


9170 09 Mechanical behavior of microelectromechanical microshutters [9170-8]

9170 0B Photothermal nanopositioners based on graphene nanocomposites [9170-10]

9170 0C Progress towards a MEMS tunable infrared filter using porous silicon [9170-11]


9170 0E Tracking of the organic species during the synthesis of cobalt-based nanoparticles in non-aqueous solution (Invited Paper) [9170-13]

9170 0F Optical characterization of CMOS compatible micro optics fabricated by mask-based and mask-less hybrid lithography [9170-14]

9170 0H Polymer-carbon nanotube composites: electrospinning, alignment and interactions (Invited Paper) [9170-16]


9170 0L Effects of different wetting layers on the growth of smooth ultra-thin silver thin films [9170-20]

9170 0M Simulation of a film of random particulate medium containing aggregates of metal nanospheres [9170-22]


9170 0O High finesse silicon ring resonators for monolithic mode-locked lasers [9170-24]


9170 0V Nano fabrication of compound bifocal zone plate for x-ray optics [9170-32]

9170 0X Omnidirectional wavelength selective emitters/absorbers based on dielectric-filled anti-reflection coated two-dimensional metallic photonic crystals [9170-34]


9170 0Z Laser-assisted biosynthesis for noble nanoparticles production [9170-36]

9170 10 Nanoimpriont fabrication of wiregrids micro-polarizers in near infrared spectra using SU-8 as an intermediate film [9170-37]


9170 13 Polarized light emission by deposition of aligned semiconductor nanorods [9170-41]

9170 14 Design of single-polarization single-mode photonic nanowire [9170-42]

9170 15 Generation of Cd1-xZnxS nanoparticles by laser ablation in liquids [9170-43]

9170 16 Deep UV microsphere nanolithography to achieve sub-100 nm feature size [9170-44]


9170 18 Fabrication of high aspect ratio silicon gratings by interference lithography and potassium hydroxide anisotropic etch technique [9170-47]

9170 1C Surface potential and field effect in structures with Ge-nanoclusters grown on Si(100) surface [9170-51]

9170 1D Comparison of triangular and squared ITO nano-grating of GaN LEDs [9170-52]

9170 1F Lightfast optical current in dielectric by plasmonically induced local field [9170-54]

9170 1I Formation of sub-wavelength pitch regular structures employing a motorized multiple exposure Lloyd’s mirror holographic lithography setup [9170-57]

9170 1J Processing and characterization of monodisperse phosphine-free CdSe colloidal quantum dots [9170-58]


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Akhlaghi-Bouzan, M., 0O

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Aristov, V. V., 0V

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Baili, A., 14

Banerjee, Saswatee, 0M

Behill, Ashli, 1D

Ben Salem, A., 14

Bi, Lali, 18

Bonakdar, Alireza, 16

Brown, Robert L, 16

Burns, Devin E., 09

Campo, Eva M., 03, 0H

Čelanović, Ivan, 0X

Cherif, R., 14

Chou, Jeffrey B., 0X

Dan, Yaping, 02

Davenport, Tattiana K. C, 1D

Delfyett, P. J., 0O

Edwards, Vernessa, 0Z

El-Zohary, Salah E., 06

Fischer, Daniel A., 03, 0H

Gomes, Raquel, 13

Haraguchi, M., 06

Hayenga, W. E., 0O

Hens, Zeger, 13

Hong, Yilin, 18

Hyrka, Yu. V., 1C

Ishikawa, T., 0V

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Jafarli, R., 15

Jafarov, M. A., 15

Jang, Sung Jun, 16

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Jiang, Xiaolong, 18

Jin, Xiaomin, 1D

Joannopoulos, John D., 0X

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Jones, Justin S., 09

Jurkevičiūtė, Aušrine, 1I

Khajavikhan, M., 0O

Khodr, M., 08

Kim, Sang-Gook, 0X

Kim, Seungchul, 1 F

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Kozak, Dmitry A., 0C

Koziej, D., 0E

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Kumar, A., 14

Kuyumchyan, A. V., 0V

Kuyumchyan, N. A., 0V

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Qiu, Keqiang, 18

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Rinnerbauer, Veronika, 0X

Saini, T. S., 14

Sarangan, Andrew M., 0L, 10

Shah, Piyush, 0L

Shen, Yichen, 0X

Shenashen, M. A., 06

Shulakov, E. V., 0V

Šimatonis, Linas, 1I

Sinha, R. K., 14

Soljačić, Marin, 0X

Staniuk, M., 0E

Stievater, Todd, 0C

Strubbe, Filip, 13

Summitt, Chris, 0F

Suvorov, A. Y., 0V

Takashima, Yuzuru, 0F

Tamulevičius, Sigitas, 1I

Tamulevičius, Tomas, 1I

Tan, Siew Li, 02

Tsuji, Akinori, 06

Virganavičius, Dainius, 1I

Wang, Junxin, 10

Wang, Qingbo, 18

Wang, Sunglin, 0F

Winter, A. Douglas, 03, 0H

Wu, Lixiang, 18

Yeng, Yi Xiang, 0X

Zaverton, Melissa, 0F

Zghal, M., 14

Zhao, Xingyan, 02

Zheng, Yanchang, 18

Conference Committee

Symposium Chairs

Satoshi Kawata, Osaka University (Japan)

Manijeh Razeghi, Northwestern University (United States)

Symposium Co-chairs

David L. Andrews, University of East Anglia Norwich (United Kingdom)

James G. Grote, Air Force Research Laboratory (United States)

Conference Chairs

Eva M. Campo, Bangor University (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth A. Dobisz, HGST (United States)

Louay A. Eldada, Quanergy, Inc. (United States)

Conference Program Committee

André-Jean Attias, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (France)

Irene Fernandez-Cuesta, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (United States)

Sarah Haigh, The University of Manchester (United Kingdom)

Sondra Hellstrom, California Institute of Technology (United States)

Ghassan E. Jabbour, Arizona State University (United States)

Robert Magnusson, The University of Texas at Arlington (United States)

Balaji U. Panchapakesan, University of Louisville (United States)

Won Park, University of Colorado at Boulder (United States)

Dorota A. Pawlak, Institute of Electronic Materials Technology (Poland)

Jun Tanida, Osaka University (Japan)

Richard Tiberio, Stanford University (United States)

Chee Wei Wong, Columbia University (United States)

Session Chairs

1 Nanophotonics for Energy

Louay A. Eldada, Quanergy Systems, Inc. (United States)

2 Nanomechanical Nanofluidic Devices

Eva M. Campo, Bangor University (United Kingdom)

3 Nanostructure Properties and Devices

Louay A. Eldada, Quanergy Systems, Inc. (United States)

4 Subwavelength Structures

Elizabeth A. Dobisz, HGST (United States)

5 Nanophotonic Devices

Elizabeth A. Dobisz, HGST (United States)

6 Nanofabrication of Optical Elements

Louay A. Eldada, Quanergy Systems, Inc. (United States)

7 Innovative Patterning

Won Park, University of Colorado at Boulder (United States)

8 Nanoparticle Properties

Eva M. Campo, Bangor University (United Kingdom)

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} "Front Matter: Volume 9170", Proc. SPIE 9170, Nanoengineering: Fabrication, Properties, Optics, and Devices XI, 917001 (16 September 2014); doi: 10.1117/12.2081262; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2081262

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