25 September 2014 Design and analysis of an adaptive lens that mimics the performance of the crystalline lens in the human eye
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Tunable lenses are optical systems that have attracted much attention due to their potential applications in such areas like ophthalmology, machine vision, microscopy and laser processing. In recent years we have been working in the analysis and performance of a liquid-filled variable focal length lens, this is a lens that can modify its focal length by changing the amount of water within it. Nowadays we extend our study to a particular adaptive lens known as solid elastic lens (SEL) that it is formed by an elastic main body made of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS Sylgard 184). In this work, we present the design, simulation and analysis of an adaptive solid elastic lens that in principle imitates the accommodation process of the crystalline lens in the human eye. For this work, we have adopted the parameters of the schematic eye model developed in 1985 by Navarro et al.; this model represents the anatomy of the eye as close as possible to reality by predicting an acceptable and accurate quantity of spherical and chromatic aberrations without any shape fitting. An opto-mechanical analysis of the accommodation process of the adaptive lens is presented, by simulating a certain amount of radial force applied onto the SEL using the finite element method with the commercial software SolidWorks®. We also present ray-trace diagrams of the simulated compression process of the adaptive lens using the commercial software OSLO®.
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Agustin Santiago-Alvarado, Agustin Santiago-Alvarado, Angel S. Cruz-Félix, Angel S. Cruz-Félix, F. Iturbide-Jiménez , F. Iturbide-Jiménez , M. Martínez-López, M. Martínez-López, M. Ramírez-Como, M. Ramírez-Como, V. Armengol-Cruz, V. Armengol-Cruz, I. Vásquez-Báez, I. Vásquez-Báez, } "Design and analysis of an adaptive lens that mimics the performance of the crystalline lens in the human eye", Proc. SPIE 9192, Current Developments in Lens Design and Optical Engineering XV, 919207 (25 September 2014); doi: 10.1117/12.2061432; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2061432


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