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24 October 2014 Analysis of wavelength detuning, injected power, and injected mode effect on Fabry-Perot laser diode
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Basic characteristics of wavelength locked Fabry-Perot laser diode (FP-LD) are analyzed and results are presented by the simulation of a theoretical model of the FP-LD. We use fourth-order Runge-Kutta to solve the rate equation of injection locked FP-LD which has been studied by many researchers. But most of the research are either focused only on wavelength detuning or on the modes of injected beam. Hence we analyze the effect of wavelength detuning, modes of injected beam, injected power on the FP-LD. With these analysis we can conclude the required wavelength detuning, mode for injection, required injected beam power and others depending upon applications. We model FP-LD theoretically and analyze output spectrum without injection locking which contains photon number of each mode and carrier density along with gain spectrum. We added the injected beam term to the rate equation in one or more modes to obtain the spectrum of wavelength locked FP-LD. Injection locked phenomena is observed with sufficient on/off contrast ratio. Various parameters such as wavelength detuning, injected beam power, bias current, and injected modes are changed to analyze output power and spectrum. Analysis on hysteresis width is also done by changing the wavelength detuning, and injected mode number to see the effect on hysteresis width which is important to find proper wavelength detuning, injected power and mode of injected beam required for the different application such as switching, memory and others. The analysis will help to find effective parameters to meet the demand of power effective optical devices for future optical networking system.
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Dongying Zhang, Bikash Nakarmi, and Xuping Zhang "Analysis of wavelength detuning, injected power, and injected mode effect on Fabry-Perot laser diode", Proc. SPIE 9270, Optoelectronic Devices and Integration V, 92700F (24 October 2014);

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