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18 December 2014 Theoretical simulation of melt ejection during the laser drilling process on aluminum alloy by single pulsed laser
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In this paper, we establish a physical model to simulate the melt ejection induced by millisecond pulsed laser on aluminum alloy and use the finite element method to simulate the melting and vaporization process of aluminum alloy. Compared with the conventional model, this model explicitly adds the source terms of gas dynamics in the thermal-hydrodynamic equations, completes the trace of the gas-liquid interface and improves the traditional level-set method. All possible effects which can impact the dynamic behavior of the keyhole are taken into account in this two-dimensional model, containing gravity, recoil pressure of the metallic vapor, surface tension and Marangoni effect. This simulation is based on the same experiment condition where single pulsed laser with 3ms pulse width, 57J energy and 1mm spot radius is used. By comparing the theoretical simulation data and the actual test data, we discover that: the relative error between the theoretical values and the actual values is about 9.8%, the melt ejection model is well consistent with the actual experiment; from the theoretical model we can see the surrounding air of the aluminum alloy surface exist the metallic vapor; an increment of the interaction time between millisecond pulsed laser and aluminum alloy material, the temperature at the center of aluminum alloy surface increases and evaporation happens after the surface temperature reaches boiling point and later the aluminum alloy material sustains in the status of equilibrium vaporization; the keyhole depth is linearly increased with the increase of laser energy, respectively; the growth of the keyhole radius is in the trend to be gentle. This research may provide the theoretical references to the understanding of the interaction between millisecond pulsed laser and many kinds of materials, as well as be beneficial to the application of the laser materials processing and military field.
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Mingxin Li, Guangyong Jin, Ming Guo, Di Wang, and Xiuying Gu "Theoretical simulation of melt ejection during the laser drilling process on aluminum alloy by single pulsed laser", Proc. SPIE 9295, International Symposium on Optoelectronic Technology and Application 2014: Laser Materials Processing; and Micro/Nano Technologies, 92950Q (18 December 2014);

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