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ixConference Committee
xv15th Pascal Rol Award for Excellence in Ophthalmic Technologies
xviiThe Ophthalmic Technologies Foundation Award
9307 03High-resolution retinal imaging: enhancement techniques [9307-2]
9307 06Novel microscope-integrated stereoscopic display for intrasurgical optical coherence tomography [9307-5]
9307 07Automated real-time instrument tracking for microscope-integrated intraoperative OCT imaging of ophthalmic surgical maneuvers [9307-6]
9307 08Image-guided modified deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) corneal transplant using intraoperative optical coherence tomography [9307-7]
9307 0ADesign and evaluation of an intraocular B-scan OCT-guided 36-gauge needle [9307-9]
9307 0BPower-controlled temperature guided retinal photocoagulation [9307-10]
9307 0HMultispectral scanning laser ophthalmoscopy combined with optical coherence tomography for simultaneous in vivo mouse retinal imaging [9307-16]
9307 0NPolarimetric imaging of retinal disease by polarization sensitive SLO [9307-22]
9307 0QThe first prototype of chromatic pupillometer for objective perimetry in retinal degeneration patients [9307-25]
9307 0RFast optical measurement of intraocular straylight [9307-26]
9307 0SClinical trials of interference-based extended depth of focus intra ocular lens design [9307-27]
9307 0TPhotovoltaic restoration of sight with high visual acuity in rats with retinal degeneration [9307-28]
9307 0ZConcept for image-guided vitreo-retinal fs-laser surgery: adaptive optics and optical coherence tomography for laser beam shaping and positioning [9307-34]
9307 10A computational approach to high-resolution imaging of the living human retina without hardware adaptive optics [9307-35]
9307 14Optical characterization of vitreous structure in health and disease [9307-39]
9307 15Determining the optomechanical properties of accommodating gel for lens refilling surgery using finite element analysis and numerical ray-tracing [9307-40]
9307 16Co-focused ultrasound and optical coherence elastography system for the study of age-related changes of biomechanical properties of crystalline lens in rabbit eyes [9307-41]
9307 17Near infrared radiation damage mechanism in the lens [9307-42]
9307 18Three-dimensional mapping of corneal elasticity using optical coherence elastography [9307-43]
9307 19Quantitative assessment of corneal biomechanical properties using optical coherence elastography and a modified Rayleigh Lamb-frequency model [9307-44]
9307 1CReal-time calibration-free C-scan images of the eye fundus using Master Slave swept source optical coherence tomography [9307-47]
9307 1DAutomatic optimization high-speed high-resolution OCT retinal imaging at 1μm [9307-48]
9307 1FUltra-compact switchable SLO/OCT handheld probe design [9307-50]
9307 1GDeveloping a flammability test system for sunglasses: results [9307-51]
9307 1HDeep stroma investigation by confocal microscopy [9307-52]
9307 1JProgress on the self-service kiosk for testing the UV protection on sunglasses: polynomial and neural network approximation for calculating light transmittance [9307-54]
9307 1OEn-face imaging of the ellipsoid zone in the retina from optical coherence tomography B-scans [9307-60]
9307 1PHigh-power visible diode laser for the treatment of eye diseases by laser coagulation [9307-61]
9307 1QTwo-photon autofluorescence lifetime and SHG imaging of healthy and diseased human corneas [9307-62]
9307 1SImplementation of a capsular bag model to enable sufficient lens stabilization within a mechanical eye model [9307-64]
9307 1TCornea-based imaging via its tactile spatial stimulation [9307-65]
9307 1UIn-vivo human corneal nerve imaging using Fourier-domain OCT [9307-66]
9307 1XA novel platform for minimally invasive delivery of cellular therapy as a thin layer across the subretina for treatment of retinal degeneration (Translational Research Paper Award) [9307-69]
9307 1YHigh precision laser sclerostomy [9307-70]
9307 1ZCharacterization of rat model of acute anterior uveitis using optical coherence tomography angiography [9307-71]


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Conference Committee

  • Symposium Chairs

    • James G. Fujimoto, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)

    • R. Rox Anderson, Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital (United States) and Harvard School of Medicine (United States)

  • Program Track Chair

    • Brian Jet-Fei Wong, Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Clinic (United States)

  • Conference Chairs

    • Fabrice Manns, University of Miami (United States)

    • Per G. Söderberg, Uppsala University (Sweden)

    • Arthur Ho, Brien Holden Vision Institute (Australia)

  • Conference Program Committee

    • Rafat R. Ansari, NASA Glenn Research Center (United States)

    • Michael Belkin, Tel Aviv University (Israel)

    • Kostadinka Bizheva, University of Waterloo (Canada)

    • David Borja, Alcon Laboratories, Inc. (United States)

    • Ralf Brinkmann, Universität zu Lübeck (Germany)

    • Wolfgang Drexler, Medizinische Universität Wien (Austria)

    • Daniel X. Hammer, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (United States)

    • Karen M. Joos, Vanderbilt University (United States)

    • Kirill V. Larin, University of Houston (United States)

    • Ezra Maguen, American Eye Institute (United States)

    • Donald T. Miller, Indiana University (United States)

    • Daniel V. Palanker, Stanford University (United States)

    • Jean-Marie Parel, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute (United States)

    • Roberto Pini, Istituto di Fisica Applicata Nello Carrara (Italy)

    • Luigi Rovati, Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Italy)

    • Georg Schuele, OptiMedica Corporation (United States)

    • Jerry Sebag, VMR Institute (United States)

    • Peter Soliz, VisionQuest Biomedical, LLC (United States)

    • Valery V. Tuchin, N.G. Chernyshevsky Saratov State University (Russian Federation)

  • Session Chairs

    • Ophthalmic Imaging: Image Processing and Analysis

      • Peter Soliz, VisionQuest Biomedical, LLC (United States)

      • Marco Ruggeri, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute (United States)

  • Ophthalmic Surgery: Intraoperative Imaging and Monitoring

    • Wolfgang Drexler, Medizinische Universität Wien (Austria)

    • Karen M. Joos, Vanderbilt University (United States)

  • Pascal Rol Lecture

    • Per G. Söderberg, Uppsala University (Sweden)

  • Ophthalmic Imaging: Small Animal Models

    • Daniel X. Hammer, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (United States)

    • Per G. Söderberg, Uppsala University (Sweden)

  • Ophthalmic Diagnostics: Polarization

    • Donald T. Miller, Indiana University (United States)

    • Ezra Maguen, American Eye Institute (United States)

  • Vision: Assessment, Correction, Restoration

    • David Borja, Alcon Laboratories, Inc. (United States)

    • Rafat R. Ansari, NASA Glenn Research Center (United States)

  • Retinal and Choroidal Angiography and Blood Flow

    • Georg Schuele, Abbott Medical Optics (United States)

    • Rafat R. Ansari, NASA Glenn Research Center (United States)

  • Ophthalmic Imaging: Adaptive Optics

    • Arthur Ho, Brien Holden Vision Institute (Australia)

    • Daniel X. Hammer, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (United States)

  • Ocular Tissue Characterization

    • Roberto Pini, Istituto di Fisica Applicata Nello Carrara (Italy)

    • Jean-Marie Parel, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute (United States)

  • Ophthalmic Imaging: Models, Phantoms, Technology

    • Jerry Sebag, VMR Institute (United States)

    • Fabrice Manns, University of Miami (United States)

  • Special XXVth Edition Session: Ophthalmic Technologies

    • Arthur Ho, Brien Holden Vision Institute (Australia)

    • Fabrice Manns, University of Miami (United States)

    • Per G. Söderberg, Uppsala University (Sweden)

  • Pascal Rol Award Presentation

    • Arthur Ho, Brien Holden Vision Institute (Australia)

    • Fabrice Manns, University of Miami (United States)


The papers contained in this volume were presented at the 25th conference on Ophthalmic Technologies, held 7-8 February 2015 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, as a part of the SPIE Photonics West BiOS Meeting.

A total of 49 papers and 24 posters were presented by scientists, clinicians, and engineers from academia, private clinics, and industry representing many countries and four continents. Topics included new technology for surgical guidance using optical coherence tomography, new devices and approaches for vision assessment, applications of polarization imaging, ophthalmic tissue characterization using elastography, retinal vasculature imaging, ophthalmic image processing, and advances in adaptive optics and retinal prostheses.

This year we celebrated the 25th edition of the Ophthalmic Technologies conference with a special "Silver Anniversary" session. Jean-Marie Parel, Karen Joos, Jerry Sebag, Wolfgang Drexler and Rafat Ansari presented brief personal accounts of the conference's impact, and their vision of where ophthalmic technologies are headed. We thank the five speakers very much for providing their insights.

The anniversary session ended with a special award given to Prof. Jean-Marie Parel in recognition of his contributions to the field of ophthalmic technologies and to the conference. Prof. Parel founded the conference and chaired the first six editions.

The conference concluded with the presentation of the 15th Pascal Rol Award to Francesco LaRocca and his colleagues from Duke University for their excellent paper on "Ultracompact switchable SLO/OCT handheld probe design" (9307-50). Established in memory of Dr. Pascal O. Rol, former chair and co-founder of the Ophthalmic Technologies conference, the award is in recognition of the best manuscript and presentation. The outstanding finalists, selected by the entire program committee among 71 abstract submissions, were Daniel Palanker (9307-28), Nathan Shemonski (9307-35) and Liangbo Shen (9307-05).

We are very grateful to the Brien Holden Vision Institute in Sydney, Australia, for sponsoring the 2015 Pascal Rol award, through the Pascal Rol Foundation.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Pascal Rol lecture on the topic of clinical applications and technological needs for femtosecond laser cataract surgery, to be given by Prof. Zoltan Nagy, had to be cancelled.

We thank the Program Committee members, session chairs, speakers, and participants, as well as the SPIE staff for their support and dedication in making this conference a success.

We extend an invitation for the Ophthalmic Technologies XXVI conference, which is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, 13–14 February 2016 in San Francisco, California.

Fabrice Manns

Per G. Söderberg

Arthur Ho

Fifteenth Pascal Rol Award for Excellence in Ophthalmic Technologies Supported by the Brien Holden Vision Institute through the Pascal Rol Foundation


Presented on Sunday February 8, 2015 to

Francesco LaRocca

for his excellent paper on

" Ultracompact switchable SLO/OCT handheld probe design"

Jean-Marie Parel (left) presents the 2015 Pascal Rol Award to Francesco LaRocca (right).

Past awardees
2014Marco RuggeriBiometry of the ciliary muscle during dynamic accommodation assessed with OCT
2013Yossi MandelIn-vivo performance of photovoltaic subretinal prosthesis
2012Clemens AltIn vivo quantification of microglia dynamics with an SLO in a mouse model of focal laser injury
2011James LoudinPhotovoltaic Retinal Prosthesis
2010Daniel HammerMultimodal adaptive optics for depth enhanced high-resolution ophthalmic imaging
2009Kazuhiro Kurokawa1μm wavelength adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscope
2008Boris PovazayMinimum distance mapping using volumetric OCT: A novel indicator for early glaucoma diagnosis
2007Yoshiaki YasunoClinical examinations of anterior eye segments by three-dimensional swept-source optical coherence tomography
2006Enrique FernandezAdaptive optics using a liquid crystal spatial light modulator for ultrahigh-resolution optical coherence tomography
2005Karsten KönigCornea surgery with nanojoule femtosecond laser pulses
2004Daniel PalankerAttracting retinal cells to electrodes for high-resolution stimulation
2003Igor ErmakovNon-invasive optical techniques for the measurement of macular pigments
2002Georg SchueleNon-invasive temperature measurements during laser irradiation of the retina with optoacoustic techniques
2001Matthew SmithMinimizing the influence of fundus pigmentation on retinal vessel oximetry measurements

The Ophthalmic Technologies Foundation Award

Presented to

Jean-Marie Parel

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute,

University of Miami School of Medicine

Sunday February 8, 2015

Presentation of the award by Marilyn Gorsuch, Director Technical Programs, SPIE to Professor Jean-Marie Parel. From left to right: Arthur Ho, Per Soderberg, Marilyn Gorsuch, Jean-Marie Parel, Fabrice Manns.


We hereby recognize Professor Parel as a founder of the Ophthalmic Technologies Conference.

Since 1991, through his tireless leadership, guidance, and contributions, Professor Parel has been the mainstay in the foundation and growth of this unique world-leading forum. The result of Professor Parel’s invested energies are manifest in this successful annual gathering of engineers, scientists and clinicians in ophthalmology and vision research for the advancement of ophthalmic systems, improving eye care and eye research the world over. Furthermore, Professor Parel has fostered the careers of generations of scientists and engineers through his outstanding inventiveness, teaching and mentoring.

With this plaque, we express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for his dedication and seminal contribution to the Ophthalmic Technologies Conference.

Presented by:

Marilyn Gorsuch

Director, Technical Programs

On behalf of SPIE

© (2015) COPYRIGHT Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE). Downloading of the abstract is permitted for personal use only.
} "Front Matter: Volume 9307", Proc. SPIE 9307, Ophthalmic Technologies XXV, 930701 (20 March 2015); doi: 10.1117/12.2183904; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2183904

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