20 February 2015 Integrated RGB laser light module for autostereoscopic outdoor displays
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We have developed highly compact RGB laser light modules to be used as light sources in multi-view autostereoscopic outdoor displays and projection devices. Each light module consists of an AlGaInP red laser diode, a GaInN blue laser diode, a GaInN green laser diode, as well as a common cylindrical microlens. The plano-convex microlens is a so-called “fast axis collimator”, which is widely used for collimating light beams emitted from high-power laser diode bars, and has been optimized for polychromatic RGB laser diodes. The three light beams emitted from the red, green, and blue laser diodes are collimated in only one transverse direction, the so-called “fast axis”, and in the orthogonal direction, the so-called “slow axis”, the beams pass the microlens uncollimated. In the far field of the integrated RGB light module this produces Gaussian beams with a large ellipticity which are required, e.g., for the application in autostereoscopic outdoor displays. For this application only very low optical output powers of a few milliwatts per laser diode are required and therefore we have developed tailored low-power laser diode chips with short cavity lengths of 250 μm for red and 300 μm for blue. Our RGB laser light module including the three laser diode chips, associated monitor photodiodes, the common microlens, as well as the hermetically sealed package has a total volume of only 0.45 cm³, which to our knowledge is the smallest RGB laser light source to date.
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Jörg Reitterer, Jörg Reitterer, Franz Fidler, Franz Fidler, Christian Hambeck, Christian Hambeck, Ferdinand Saint Julien-Wallsee, Ferdinand Saint Julien-Wallsee, Stephen Najda, Stephen Najda, Piotr Perlin, Piotr Perlin, Szymon Stanczyk, Szymon Stanczyk, Robert Czernecki, Robert Czernecki, Stewart D. McDougall, Stewart D. McDougall, Wyn Meredith, Wyn Meredith, Garrie Vickers, Garrie Vickers, Kennedy Landles, Kennedy Landles, Ulrich Schmid, Ulrich Schmid, "Integrated RGB laser light module for autostereoscopic outdoor displays", Proc. SPIE 9346, Components and Packaging for Laser Systems, 934619 (20 February 2015); doi: 10.1117/12.2077177; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2077177

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