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9 March 2015 Hollow core fiber delivery of sub-ps pulses from a TruMicro 5000 Femto edition thin disk amplifier
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We report on the fiber-based transmission of sub-ps single-mode pulses with an average power of 50 W at a wavelength of 1030 nm generated by a TruMicro Series 5000 Femto Edition thin disk amplifier. The air-filled hollow-core Kagométype delivery fiber exhibits a hypocycloid core wall and is tailored to offer very low dispersion and nonlinearity at 1030 nm. It minimizes the mode overlap with the glass components to obtain a sufficiently high damage threshold. With propagation losses of only 20 dB/km and an optimized mode matching and coupling by means of a telescope and a 5- axes table we achieve an overall transmission efficiency of more than 80% with a resulting M2 of 1.15. Our laser source offers the selection of repetition rates from 200 to 800 kHz which translates to pulse energies between 60 and 250 μJ. The pulse duration of 900 fs is maintained at the fiber exit, while the spectral width broadens to 20 nm due to self phase modulation in the air core, which could be used to further compress the pulses temporally. Using a fiber-based beam transport allows for mechanical decoupling of the processing head from the laser source, increasing flexibility for applications in the field of material processing with ultra-short pulsed lasers.
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Sebastian Pricking, Raphael Gebs, Robert Fleischhaker, Jochen Kleinbauer, Aleksander Budnicki, Dirk H. Sutter, Alexander Killi, Sascha Weiler, M. Mielke, B. Beaudou, B. Debord, F. Gerome, and F. Benabid "Hollow core fiber delivery of sub-ps pulses from a TruMicro 5000 Femto edition thin disk amplifier", Proc. SPIE 9356, High-Power Laser Materials Processing: Lasers, Beam Delivery, Diagnostics, and Applications IV, 935602 (9 March 2015);


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