9 March 2015 Monolithic integration of high bandwidth waveguide coupled Ge photodiode in a photonic BiCMOS process
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Monolithic integration of photonic functionality in the frontend-of-line (FEOL) of an advanced microelectronics technology is a key step towards future communication applications. This combines photonic components such as waveguides, couplers, modulators, and photo detectors with high-speed electronics plus shortest possible interconnects crucial for high-speed performance. Integration of photonics into CMOS FEOL is therefore in development for quite some time reaching 90nm node recently [1]. However, an alternative to CMOS is high-performance BiCMOS, offering significant advantages for integrated photonics-electronics applications with regard to cost and RF performance. We already presented results of FEOL integration of photonic components in a high-performance SiGe:C BiCMOS baseline to establish a novel, photonic BiCMOS process. Process cornerstone is a local-SOI approach which allows us to fabricate SOI-based, thus low-loss photonic components in a bulk BiCMOS environment [2]. A monolithically integrated 10Gbit/sec Silicon modulator with driver was shown here [3]. A monolithically integrated 25Gbps receiver was presented in [4], consisting of 200GHz bipolar transistors and CMOS devices, low-loss waveguides, couplers, and highspeed Ge photo diodes showing 3-dB bandwidth of 35GHz, internal responsivity of more than 0.6A/W at λ= 1.55μm, and ~ 50nA dark current at 1V. However, the BiCMOS-given thermal steps cause a significant smearing of the Germanium photo diodes doping profile, limiting the photo diode performance. Therefore, we introduced implantation of non-doping elements to overcome such limiting factors, resulting in photo diode bandwidths of more than 50GHz even under the effect of thermal steps necessary when the diodes are integrated in a high performance BiCMOS process.
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S. Lischke, S. Lischke, D. Knoll, D. Knoll, L. Zimmermann, L. Zimmermann, "Monolithic integration of high bandwidth waveguide coupled Ge photodiode in a photonic BiCMOS process", Proc. SPIE 9390, Next-Generation Optical Networks for Data Centers and Short-Reach Links II, 93900F (9 March 2015); doi: 10.1117/12.2085014; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2085014

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