8 February 2015 Front Matter: Volume 9402
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Brunessaux, S., 0F

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Lamiroy, Bart, 0B

Lebourgeois, Franck, 0D

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Yousefi, Mohammad Reza, 0H

Yu, Yinyan, 09

Zanibbi, Richard, 07

Conference Committee

Symposium Chair

  • Sheila S. Hemami, Northeastern University (United States)

Symposium Co-chair

  • Choon-Woo Kim, Inha University (Korea, Republic of)

Conference Chairs

  • Eric K. Ringger, Brigham Young University (United States)

  • Bart Lamiroy, Université de Lorraine (France)

Conference Program Committee

  • Gady Agam, Illinois Institute of Technology (United States)

  • Sameer K. Antani, National Library of Medicine (United States)

  • Elisa H. Barney Smith, Boise State University (United States)

  • William A. Barrett, Brigham Young University (United States)

  • Kathrin Berkner, Ricoh Innovations, Inc. (United States)

  • Bertrand Coüasnon, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Rennes (France)

  • Hervé Déjean, Xerox Research Centre Europe Grenoble (France)

  • Xiaoqing Ding, Tsinghua University (China)

  • Jianying Hu, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center (United States)

  • Ergina Kavallieratou, University of the Aegean (Greece)

  • Christopher Kermorvant, A2iA SA (France)

  • Laurence Likforman-Sulem, Télécom ParisTech (France)

  • Xiaofan Lin, A9.com, Inc. (United States)

  • Marcus Liwicki, Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH (Germany)

  • Daniel P. Lopresti, Lehigh University (United States)

  • Umapada Pal, Indian Statistical Institute (India)

  • Sargur N. Srihari, University at Buffalo (United States)

  • Venkata Subramaniam, IBM Research - India (India)

  • Kazem Taghva, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (United States)

  • George R. Thoma, National Library of Medicine (United States)

  • Christian Viard-Gaudin, Université de Nantes (France)

  • Pingping Xiu, Microsoft Corporation (United States)

  • Berrin Yanikoglu, Sabanci University (Turkey)

  • Richard Zanibbi, Rochester Institute of Technology (United States)

  • Jie Zou, National Library of Medicine (United States)

Conference Review Committee

  • Jin Chen, Lehigh University (United States)

Session Chairs

  • Keynote Session I

  • Bart Lamiroy, Université de Lorraine (France)

  • Eric K. Ringger, Brigham Young University (United States)

  • Keynote Session II

  • Bart Lamiroy, Université de Lorraine (France)

  • Eric K. Ringger, Brigham Young University (United States)

  • 1 Document Layout Analysis and Understanding

    Richard Zanibbi, Rochester Institute of Technology (United States)

  • 2 Document Structure Semantics, Forms, and Tables

    Xiaofan Lin, A9.com, Inc. (United States)

  • 3 Text Analysis

    Eric K. Ringger, Brigham Young University (United States)

  • 4 Handwriting I

    Daniel P. Lopresti, Lehigh University (United States)

  • 5 Quality and Compression

    William A. Barrett, Brigham Young University (United States)

  • 6 Graphics and Structure

    Bart Lamiroy, Université de Lorraine (France)

  • 7 Handwriting II

    Daniel P. Lopresti, Lehigh University (United States)


On behalf of the program committee, we welcome you to the twenty-second Document Recognition and Retrieval conference (DRR 2015) in San Francisco, California, USA. DRR is held annually as part of the IS&T/SPIE Symposium on Electronic Imaging. It is one of the leading international conferences on document recognition, including related research on information retrieval and text mining, especially as they pertain to document images.

This year we received 44 paper submissions. Of those, 23 papers were accepted, for an overall acceptance rate of 52%. In this year’s edition of the conference, all papers will be presented as oral presentations. We want to sincerely thank the program committee members and additional reviewers for helping us create a strong technical program. The additional reviewers: William Lund (BYU, USA), Douglas Kennard (BYU, USA), Oliver Nina (University of Central Florida, USA), Cérès Carton (IRISA, France), Aurélie Lemaitre (IRISA, France), Yann Ricquebourg (IRISA, Rennes, France), Santosh K.C. (NIH-NLM, USA), Jin Chen (Lehigh University, USA).

The program encompasses the following sessions: Document Layout Analysis and Understanding; Document Structure Semantics, Forms, and Tables; Text Analysis; Handwriting I & II; Quality and Compression; and Graphics and Structure. Topics that are current elsewhere in the pattern recognition and machine learning communities, including probabilistic graphical models and deep neural networks, also make important appearances in the technical program.

This year’s invited Keynotes will be given by Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive, and by Dan Klein, professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. Brewster will address the challenges of large document repositories such as the Internet Archive, while Dan’s talk will address unsupervised transcription for documents and music. Our invited speakers are helping to build bridges between DRR and neighboring disciplines such as computer vision and NLP.

Once again we recognize the strong contributions of student primary authors. For the best student paper award, we are grateful to Elisa H. Barney Smith (chair) and the award committee for carrying out the difficult task of choosing winning papers. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony of the conference. This year, thanks to the generous sponsorship by A9 and Google, we are able to complement these awards with a generous gift. We are very grateful for this continued support by our sponsors.

This year promises to hold change for DRR. After many years, SPIE and IS&T have announced that they are parting ways in their sponsorship of the annual Electronic Imaging conference, DRR’s umbrella venue. Therefore DRR will feature a panel discussion in which we address the options for future editions.

We hope that attendees have an excellent experience at DRR XXII and that readers of the proceedings find work that helps them to advance the state of the art in document recognition and retrieval!

Eric K. Ringger

Bart Lamiroy

© (2015) COPYRIGHT Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE). Downloading of the abstract is permitted for personal use only.
} "Front Matter: Volume 9402", Proc. SPIE 9402, Document Recognition and Retrieval XXII, 940201 (8 February 2015); doi: 10.1117/12.2185612; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2185612

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