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20 March 2015 Driving DSA into volume manufacturing
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Directed Self-Assembly (DSA) is being extensively evaluated for application in semiconductor process integration.1-7 Since 2011, the number of publications on DSA at SPIE has exploded from roughly 26 to well over 80, indicating the groundswell of interest in the technology. Driving this interest are a number of attractive aspects of DSA including the ability to form both line/space and hole patterns at dimensions below 15 nm, the ability to achieve pitch multiplication to extend optical lithography, and the relatively low cost of the processes when compared with EUV or multiple patterning options.

Tokyo Electron Limited has focused its efforts in scaling many laboratory demonstrations to 300 mm wafers. Additionally, we have recognized that the use of DSA requires specific design considerations to create robust layouts. To this end, we have discussed the development of a DSA ecosystem that will make DSA a viable technology for our industry, and we have partnered with numerous companies to aid in the development of the ecosystem. This presentation will focus on our continuing role in developing the equipment required for DSA implementation specifically discussing defectivity reduction on flows for making line-space and hole patterns, etch transfer of DSA patterns into substrates of interest, and integration of DSA processes into larger patterning schemes.
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