20 March 2015 Development and integration of systems with enhanced resolutions based on Si-containing block copolymers for line space applications
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While directed self-assembly based on poly(styrene)-block-poly(methylmethacrylate) block copolymers (BCP) for contact shrink or multiplication applications approaches industrial maturity, new systems with the ability to self-assemble with sub-20 nm features need to be evaluated taking into account the integration requirements (in terms of solvent, thermal budget, etching capability,…). In this contribution, two different systems Si-containing BCP systems will be presented targeting line/space applications. These two systems are characterized by a high segregation strength allowing the design of block copolymers with sub-20 nm period while high etching contrast inherent to the Si-containing block could be achieved between the different blocks. Firstly original poly(dimethylsilacyclobutane)-blockpoly( methylmethacrylate) (PDMSB-b-PMMA) block copolymers showing hexagonal arrays of PDMBS cylinders have been developed. Study of the PDMSB-b-PMMA self-assembly both on free surface and on patterned substrates show its high potential since long range order arrays can be obtained by a rapid thermal annealing treatment. Besides preliminary results on their track integration is discussed with a demonstration of density multiplication up to 18. The second system consists of poly(dimethylsiloxane)-block-poly(lactid acid) block chains which self-assemble into PDMS cylinders in thin film configuration. Such block copolymer system provides an easy access to line/space arrays of parallel PDMS cylinders which can be subsequently transferred into the desired stack layers through plasma etching.
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G. Fleury, K. Aissou, M. Mumtaz, X. Chevalier, C. Nicolet, C. Navarro, M. Fernandez-Regulez, P. Pimenta-Barros, R. Tiron, C. Brochon, E. Cloutet, G. Hadziioannou, "Development and integration of systems with enhanced resolutions based on Si-containing block copolymers for line space applications", Proc. SPIE 9425, Advances in Patterning Materials and Processes XXXII, 94250Z (20 March 2015); doi: 10.1117/12.2085721; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2085721

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